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7 best types of wedding flowers

Planning for a wedding can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming for those who might struggle with organizing decoration plans. The right kinds of flowers can make a massive difference at a wedding, and knowing what to purchase to go with what decorations can help you tie the entire event together. If you are just getting started with your wedding planning, consider some of the following flowers that you can integrate into your planning. With so many different symbolic and color combinations to choose from, it can be easier to plan for your dream wedding with memorable floral displays.


It’s hard to beat a classic. Roses have long been considered striking symbols of love and beauty. They have been the subject of countless myths and fairy tales, and romantic writers have often used roses as a metaphor for passion and emotion. Roses can be a safe staple to include in any number of wedding decorations because of the sheer number of possibilities. There are over 3,000 varieties of the flower available for commercial purchase, and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. If you want to establish specific motifs in your decorations, you will find plenty of room for variety in color combinations for your roses. See how you can play the roses off of other colors, as well as each other.

Calla Lilies

Elegant in their shape and presentation, calla lilies can stand as some of the most attractive options available for a memorable bouquet. These flowers are natives of Africa and are also known as arum lilies. Different colors and sizes may be presented in different ways around an arrangement, but they are primarily associated with rebirth and divinity. They are often used in wedding arrangements because they also symbolize marital bliss and youth. Lighter cream tones are available to establish a traditional sense of beauty, and some may choose to invest in darker purple tones to convey a sense of mystery and depth. Because of their natural hardiness, the flowers also represent strength and stability, keys to any lasting marriage.

Lily of the Valley

A more understated and subtle option that can be used to offset larger pieces, these flowers can make the perfect addition for their symbolic presence. Their small, bell-shaped florets are often called “ladders to heaven” because of the way they grow. These flowers are especially attractive because of their fresh and soft scent, making them ideal for those who want to delight all the senses at the wedding. The flower has long been regarded as a symbol of romantic luck, and the beautiful white tone represents purity and innocence. They have a long history of use in weddings and romantic rituals, and they can add a touch of the traditional to all types of ceremonies.


Among the showier and more vibrant varieties available, peonies have been a part of wedding traditions for thousands of years. They were first cultivated in Asia and then developed further in France. Bouquets made entirely from peonies are vibrant and attention-grabbing, but the appropriate centerpiece can be used to offset their color and draw the eye to the shape of the bouquet as a whole. These flowers have tremendous symbolic presence in romance and ceremony, especially for new beginnings. The vibrant colors associated with their arrangements bring to mind riches and opulence, perfect for those who want their marriage to represent a fresh and exciting new chapter of life.


Breathtaking beauty comes to mind at first sight of these bushy flowers. They are available in a number of cool tones, ranging from bright blue to deep purple. Their bushy shape and attractive size also makes them excellent in both accenting and focal points around the venue. Interested customers can also play around with arrangement according to color, resulting in a beautiful transitioning effect that effortlessly takes the eye from one section of the decoration to the next. Because of their lush size, they are often used to symbolize heartfelt emotions and deep, personal connections. They are perfect for married couples who have been friends for years, as they also symbolize understanding and unity.


Vibrant white blooms stand out against a deep verdant backdrop, creating an immediate sense of splendor and contrast. These star-shaped flowers have long been a symbol of marital happiness They are often grown on flowering vines, representing the way love grows and takes root in the hearts of those to be married. Because of their relatively understated presence, they can be used as standalone pieces or as accenting figures in a bouquet with different focal points. Their growing patterns also make them an ideal option for climbing wreaths and decorations, especially at outdoor venues. Pair them with columns or walls and see how easily they can draw the eye around the landscape, framing the rest of the event itself.

Sweet Pea

The sweet pea is a particularly memorable choice because of its unique scent. Rich, deep sweetness envelops the air as soon as the flowers are introduced into a bouquet or section. The flower itself represent lasting pleasure, and it has a storied history when it comes to weddings and romantic events. The strong colors also add a desirable degree of variety to any arrangement. Intense pinks and purples abound, allowing individuals to use the flowers to tie together existing themes and elements already present in the bouquet. Think about how the scents of this flower can work with other elements to create a feast for the nose as well as the eyes.

Before finalizing your purchases, think about shopping around in order to get a feel for prices, especially where package deals are concerned. Shopping at places like Wholesale Wedding Superstore can help you purchase a variety of flowers at a discount rate. You can mix and match your purchases and think about specific symbolism that you want to invoke with your flower choices. Like with any other event planning process, thinking ahead according to your and your significant other’s needs can allow you to make the best decisions for your wedding.

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