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Tips for hiring a professional office cleaning company for your business

If you own or manage an office, keeping the space clean is essential. There are two basic approaches that you can take when it comes to office cleaning: you can either hire cleaning staff of your own or you can outsource the work to an outside contractor.

Although each option has advantages and disadvantages, hiring a professional cleaning company like future cleaning services, usually makes the most sense.

When you work with a professional company, you can trust that they have the knowledge and expertise to handle any cleaning-related challenges that they encounter. Thanks to their skill and attention to detail, you can confidently bring clients to your office, knowing that every square inch has been professionally cleaned. Most cleaning companies have flexible schedules, as well, meaning that you can have them clean your office any time of the day or night. You can also specify exactly what cleaning tasks you want them to handle and what skills you need the cleaning staff to have.

If you are ready to hire someone to take care of everyday cleaning tasks around your office, the ten tips below should help you choose a company that you can trust.

Ten Tips for Hiring A Professional Office Cleaning Company

1. Gather important information about the company.

When interviewing cleaning contractors for your office, it is important to gather as much information as you can about the company and their practices. Start by making sure that the company is available during the hours when you need them. This is particularly important if you want the cleaning done outside of traditional business hours.

Find out how much they charge and what is included in the price. This will make it easier to compare their rates with other companies. Finally, don’t forget to ask about their employees. Find out how they screen employees during the hiring process. Make sure that all of their workers are properly trained so that they have the expertise necessary to take on the cleaning tasks around your office.

2. Learn more about their reputation.

A company’s reputation can tell you a lot about the quality of service that they provide. Start by researching the company on your own, looking for reviews from other businesses they have worked with in the past.

How do their ratings compare to other commercial cleaning companies in your area? Did most of their past clients leave them positive reviews? Don’t hesitate to ask the company for a list of references, as well. Contact the companies on the list to see whether or not they are willing to provide a recommendation.

3. Make sure that they are properly insured and licensed.

Commercial cleaning companies should not only be licensed but they should also be fully insured. Make sure that they have both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Ask the company whether they employ their workers directly or whether they use independent contractors. Companies that work with their own employees are more likely to be insured against accidents or injuries that may occur during the cleaning process. Ask to see a copy of their business license. Look it up online, as well, to make sure that it is current.

4. Learn more about their hiring process.

Talk to the company about the procedures that they use when hiring employees. It is important to make sure that all of their employees are professional and trustworthy – especially if they are going to be in your building after hours. Don’t forget to ask about their dress code, as well. If professionalism is important to you, consider looking for a company that requires its employees to wear uniforms and to carry ID cards.

5. Talk to them about their cleaning methods.

Most experienced cleaning companies have specific protocols in place for employees to follow when cleaning commercial spaces. Discuss the company’s cleaning methods to make sure that they have a solid system in place. Typically, the most experienced companies have a well-established cleaning process that they use, which can help them do a better job of cleaning your space.

6. Ask if their employees use a checklist.

If a company has a clearly defined cleaning process, they also will usually provide their employees with a checklist to follow. Ask whether or not the company uses one of these lists. If so, take a look at it to make sure that it is comprehensive enough for your needs. Talk to them about the specific cleaning products that they use. Make sure the products are safe and effective. Don’t forget to discuss how they would handle any unexpected issues that they encounter. For instance, what would they do if they encountered mould while they were cleaning? Which parts of the building do they cover? Are all of the most important items on their cleaning checklist?

7. Look for a local cleaning contractor.

Choosing a locally-based cleaning company is the best option. The closer they are to your place of business, the more quickly they can respond if you need help in a hurry. Being able to meet with them in person to talk about your company’s needs is also extremely beneficial. Don’t forget to find out whether the company is locally managed or whether their management is based in another part of the country. Going with a company that is entirely local is usually the best option since it eliminates a lot of potential headaches.

8. Ask them about their Material Data Safety Sheets.

Companies that work with chemicals are required to have a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) for each individual chemical-based product that they use. These sheets provide detailed information about the risks associated with the product including what other types of products it reacts with, whether or not it poses a fire risk, and potential health-related impacts. Typically, the sheets are available in English, although other languages are usually available upon request. Everyone who works for the company should have a way to view the MSDS files so that they can learn how to safely use, handle, and transport the cleaning chemicals.

9. Make sure they can accommodate your schedule.

Most commercial cleaning services are extremely flexible, meaning that they are not only available when you need them but they also are willing to make changes to their regular cleaning schedule if necessary. For instance, if you need to have an after-hours meeting, you should be able to contact the company to have them hold off on cleaning the office until after the meeting is over. By working with a flexible company, you can be sure that your office is always clean without having to worry about disruptions to your schedule.

10. Choose a company that is capable of creating a safe, hygienic work environment for your employees.

Choosing a commercial cleaning company involves a lot more than just finding someone who can vacuum your office. Instead, it is about finding a company that can create a clean, safe work environment for your employees and your clients. The best cleaning companies go above and beyond, ensuring that any areas where germs tend to accumulate are thoroughly disinfected. This can help keep problems like colds and viruses from spreading throughout your workplace. By going with a company that prioritizes hygiene, you can create a much safer, healthier environment for your employees to work in.

Professional cleaners are capable of cleaning every surface in your building. From your desks and furniture to your carpeting, flooring, and windows, they can handle whatever tasks you send their way. Maintaining a clean, sanitary office is extremely beneficial for both your employees and your clients.

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