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Top 3 makeup trends in 2020

It isn’t easy knowing which trends are here to stay and which are just a passing fad. If you are looking for the hottest trends for 2020 that won’t cost you a fortune or loads of time, keep reading.

Let’s jump in!

#3: Gorgeous Skin

Okay, when is this not on trend? But this year beautiful skin is all about glass. This effect is created easily with moisturizers and creamy highlights. The various oils in the moisture add depth and a glowy reflective effect to the skin. When done right you can expect seemingly poreless, dewy, translucent skin. Here are a few easy steps to achieve this look:

  1. Cleanse your face twice, first using an oil cleanser and then a foam
  2. Exfoliate well
  3. Apply Green tea toners
  4. Add a serum for specific complexion issues
  5. Use an Ampoule to add nutrients that will even out the skin and shrink pores
  6. Moisturize well
  7. Seal it well with a good face mask

This is definitely not a fast one and done but this trend has gone viral and doesn’t look like it will be fading any time soon.

#2: Glitter is In

Who didn’t have fun adding a touch of glitter back in the ’90s? Hopefully, we all did unless you are too young. Luckily 2020 is bringing back the glitter in an impactful way. Intense eyeshadow colours in a variety of palettes are in now. Hitting the catwalk last year, we started to see this experimental phase with bright colours mixed with tons of glitter. Adhesive sparkle is also trending. To achieve this look you will need the right products. Huge brands like Stila are offering metallic makeup and you can shop around for stick-on jewels as well. 

When constructing your look think make-believe and fantasy. There are no limits. Add lots of eyeshadow, sparkle, and some jewels for an other-worldly look.

#1: Perfect Eyelashes

Like a great brow, beautiful eyelashes can make a huge impact on your overall look. The trend right now for eyelashes is split between a natural look with a nice pop of lash and the wow factor lashes you would usually wear at night during the day.

As mentioned the natural and clean look is in for skin. Eyelash kits are available like MoxieLash Natural lash kit. Moxielash also has a Cheeky Lash Set and Dramatic Lash. Both are perfect for 2020 trends and beyond. For this year’s trend get the Money Lash. This a statement kit and will work perfectly with the pop of colours and dramatic jewels mentioned earlier.

What is so unique about these lash kits is that they are actually magnetic. No more harsh glues that are bad for your skin and the environment. The delicate magnetic system makes these eyelashes easy to apply and great for changing up your look regularly.

Wrap Up

The makeup trends this year are all about embracing and emphasizing what makes “you” unique. Beautiful and healthy skin meets dramatic eye shadows are all on-trend now. No more playing it safe or standard for 2020. Add the final touch with magnetic MoxieLash eyelashes for a perfect look.

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