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Top 4 benefits of good health and safety at work to your business

In the business world, they say labor is a basic factor of production. If you are a business person, it is common knowledge that human resource is the glue that holds your business together.

Someone being your employee does not deprive them of their human rights. It is therefore important for employers to ensure that the employees are healthy and safe in the workplace.

Not only does it benefit them directly, but the business also gets an added advantage. It is a win-win situation in various ways.

‘What can improve brand loyalty and a business’s performance?’ says David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Effective Software. ‘That’s easy. More stringent health and safety policies. Doing this one thing, that remember you should be doing anyway, will make your employees happier, will increase their productivity, and will make your shareholders and consumers happier. It really is a no-brainer’.

  1. Increased Productivity

Good employees’ health will directly reflect in the productivity graph. This is because a healthy person is able to perform their duties efficiently. They are also able to eliminate errors, for instance, in bookkeeping or even a mix up in production. Safety at work also reduces losses such as breakages due to slippery floor. In addition, if workers feel safe at the workplace, they have morale and work with no anxiety.

  1. Staff Consistency

All employers understand that hiring is not an easy task. Finding a good employee could even be sheer luck. With time, you identify employees with special talent or who work diligently. These are the ones you trust your premises with. It would, therefore, be devastating if you lost your best employee due to illness or an accident that would have probably be evaded. If an employee misses work or even quits due to poor health, it would be straining on the company. Hiring new employees to replace those who are not could be resource wasting. It may also lead to inconsistency in results since different people do things differently.

  1. Saving on Costs

Many organizations and companies usually take care of the medical bills of their employees. As an organization, you could save a penny or two if your employees are safe and healthy. This is because you won’t incur costs such as sick leave. Unplanned absenteeism could also lead to gaps in work done or an overload to the present stuff which means they have to be compensated. It could also lead to a delay in delivery or production, a cost that a company may be forced to cater for. Safety at work also ensures that your equipment and machines are not broken any now and then saving you from the struggle of constant repair.

  1. Good Public Image

The first impression is always important to a business. When your employees are healthy, they are going to exude confidence when talking to clients and the general public. They are also likely to be jovial and friendly. This and quality goods or services is all it takes to make a client happy. A happy client will always come back with a friend meaning your business grows tremendously.

Knowing how important healthy and safe employees are to the business, entrepreneurs should invest in health and safety. They should ensure that their premises have fixtures or machines that do not expose employees to any risks. They should also provide the necessary safety equipment such as ear muffs for noisy places. That way, the business will optimally benefit from the employees

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