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Top 4 great ideas to ensure your garden flower pots look superb

gardendiy.co.ukAre you searching for an excellent way to keep your garden center looking brilliant all year long? Having a lovely botanical garden brings a sense of relief while breathing in various plant and flowers aroma. Upgrading a garden requires utmost dedication. Have you tried improving your garden and nothing seems to be working? Worry not. Here are great ideas that will assist you in making your garden, as well as flower pots, bring the ambience it deserves

  1. Select the perfect flower pots

The most crucial step is selecting the right containers. Too small pots will lead to crowding of the roots due to water, oxygen and nutrient scarcity. Too large pots often result in overly moist soils which may result in drowning of plant roots. For smaller containers, you can decide on 10-12 diameter inches while for large pots the diameter should be around 24 inches.

You need to choose a pot with the right drainage holes to allow extra water flow easily. It also provides proper root aeration within the containers.

  1. Have a plan while planting

Having a tiny garden is like visiting a local candy store. You need to mix things up, to spice up your space. Select plants which tend to thrive in specific climatic conditions. If you enjoy mixing plants in similar pots, choose the ones which possess the same water as well light needs.

Add plants that vary in height and blooming times to create a dynamic visual display. It ensures that with the changes in seasons, the garden scape is always beautiful.

Spice up your garden with early blooming flowering bulbs with late-blooming ones to offer fresh color as well as interest.

  1. Soil should contain proper nutrients

Immersing your hand in the dirt and planting seedlings is an excellent opportunity to unite with nature. However, it’s more than just playing with mud. As a garden expert, you need to make sure that your bedding flora is flourishing. What better way to do this than providing a nutrient-rich surrounding.

Using compost manure contributes to improving soil’s nutrients as it equalizes the pH and minimizes soil compaction. Make use of a giant bin or wheelbarrow or a layer of plastic on the ground to mix your ingredients batch to accommodate various garden flower pots.

Always fertilizes plants to enhance their performance. However, overdoing it could lead to leaves turning yellow and damaging the root.

  1. Groom

In the growing period, you need to offer your pots a light grooming session often. Replace dead plants, cut straggly stems and deadhead spent blossoms.

Keep your plants and flowers infestation free, remove any diseased plants quickly. You need to be alert of black spots, botrytis blight, powdery mildew, damping off as well as rust among others. It is to ensure that the problem is dealt with early before it attacks the whole garden

Never forget to water your flowers, especially during the summer. Ensure your bulbs are getting the right amount of water may be just until the water begins to emerge from the drainage holes.


To keep your garden flower pots brighter always keep these great ideas in mind. While shopping for various materials, be it ceramic, plastic, fiber stone or poly stone still have a clear picture of how you want your garden to appear. It’s a fantastic way of maintaining a sleek garden. Strawberries are also great to grow in pots. There is a great guide on how to go about it at gardendiy.co.uk.

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