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Top 8 Ways to Test Online Casinos for Free

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Casinos are businesses where people bet money on games of chance. Casinos do not give their players any house advantage. They make their money instead by catering to high-spending players with free drinks and food, high limits for bets, and attractive rates for playing table games. There are still casinos that have nothing but slot machines and video poker, but most casinos have both slots and table games such as blackjack or craps.

You can quickly test casinos by visiting their website and playing free games. The casino will not completely control the game, but they cannot prevent you from playing. You are not cheating them as much as a cheater who has hacked into the game’s program code. There are different types of casinos worldwide, so there are many more options to test than just testing free games. The list of the top 8 ways you can sample a casino without parting with any of your hard-earned cash.

1. Free Spins

One of the best ways to try out a casino site is by signing up for the mailing list. You generally get a free spins bonus offer on your email address, which you can use on one of the slot machines. There is no guarantee that you will like it, so consider only using a small portion of your free bets casinos. Once you have tested it and feel familiar with the game, risk more money. Make sure you track how much of your bonus money you have used so far.

2. No Deposit Chip

Almost all casinos offer you a small amount of play money known as a no-deposit chip. You can try it as much as you want, but the free games are over when your play money runs out. The best thing you can do with this free play is to bet it all on one game because this will allow you to get a feel for how much the casino pays out in winnings.

3. Free Play

You can also go to a casino and try to play free games. Many casinos will give you free spins after you have deposited money. If you stay at a table game and get the full allowed amount of cash out of your chips, then there will be no problem. I would make sure that you set up an automatic withdrawal before leaving the game so you continue to have access to the remaining money.

4. Golden Chips

There is a particular type of chip that you can use in specific single-line slots. These chips have golden edges, so they look slightly different from the regular ones. You can usually get free spins with your chip, where you get to keep everything that you win. You are only allowed to receive a maximum of three golden chips per day, but the casino will not know when you have already received one or more.

5. Free Sports Bets

Many gambling sites will offer free bets on sporting events so that you can test their sports betting options. If you don’t want to risk any money, then you can use a small portion of your bet money to play your free sports bet. This way, you can try out several casino games without having to take all of your money with you. When the event is done and over, use your winnings to withdraw some money from USA online casinos in case there are no deposit bonus codes in 2015

6. Poker Chips on The House

Poker is a great game to test out a new casino site. The only natural way to know whether you like it is to do it for free. Some sites will give you poker chips for playing on the website, which is better than free spins because you can play as many tables as you want simultaneously. You can just leave the table whenever you want to get some food or a drink, and you can use your chips to play at other tables. The best thing is that it usually comes with free drinks and food.

7. Play For Fun

Some casinos let you play for fun, which means you can play as much as you like without risking any money. You can still win or lose money, but the casino does not have to pay you any winnings or give you your losses. If you want to bet real money, wait until the session’s end before deciding how much to wager.

8. Daily Bonuses

Most casinos will give you one or more daily bonuses you can use in their casino games. You might get a cashback bonus after completing a set number of bets, or they might give you extra chances to win something. I would recommend playing your free spins and collecting your extra chances to win instead of trying to win some real cash.


There are more ways to try out an online casino site than just those listed above. You can try a free trial where you pay nothing, but you are not allowed to continue playing if you do not make a deposit. Some casinos will let you play for free if you sign up for their newsletter, but it is only for slots games. Playing for fun is another option because many casinos will give players the opportunity to play for real or playing without risking any of their money.

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