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Top five database management trends for 2019


Did you realize that over 70 percent of the data businesses collect goes unused? One of the main reasons for this data waste is ineffective or inconsistent database management. While most business owners understand the benefit of collecting data, many of them fail to realize that they have to organize and analyze this information for it to be useful.

Instead of falling into this category, you need to work on adequately managing your databases. The only way to make sure you are on the right track in regards to your management of databases is by staying “in the know” regarding trends in this industry.

1. Analytics are at the Forefront of Business Data Collection

One of the main reasons why business owners collect data is to analyze it. This business database can help you see certain patterns in customer behaviors and use this information to optimize marketing strategies or even product development. The main goal you should have when trying to use the full power of data analytics is to personalize your approach with consumers.

The more personalization your products and marketing efforts have, the easier it will be to keep customers loyal and content. Rather than trying to manually identify patterns within the data you collect, you need to find software programs to use for this job. If you want a comprehensive solution that provides you with information about data patterns and errors, using a LaaS can help greatly.

Modern consumers want to feel like the companies they use know them and what they want. The last thing you want is to present each consumer with the same approach when trying to gain their business and loyalty. This is why utilizing the power of data is so important. This modern solution to an age old problem is allowing businesses to connect with consumers like never before.

2. The Rise of the Internet of Things

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you are fully aware of the popularity of wearable and smart devices. Things like the Amazon Alexa and even Fitbit wearable devices are connected to a platform known as the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices provide a lot of information about the user, which can be helpful to business owners.

With the power of the IoT, business owners are able to process and analyze data quickly and correctly. The data you collect from these devices can also be seamlessly shared with other businesses with ease.

3. The Use of Data is Spreading

In the beginning stages of the data analyzation, companies based in eCommerce, healthcare and financial services were the only ones taking advantage of this technology. However, in the coming years, we are sure to see businesses based in a variety of different industries embracing the power of data analyzation and database management. Already, businesses dealing in packaged goods for consumers, construction and manufacturing are using data to further their understanding of what their audience wants.

4. A Renewed Focus on Data Security

Data breaches are one of the biggest dangers business owners have to deal with. If your company is affected by one of these breaches, it can affect your bottom line and may even reduce consumer confidence in your brand.

This is why securing the data and databases your company has in place is so important. Continuously monitoring these databases can help you find out about security threats early on so you can address them before any information is compromised.

While there are a number of standalone software programs you can use to keep your data and network safe, allowing IT professionals to monitor your network is a great idea. With this type of monitoring, you will be able to detect potential data hacking attempts and take strides to prevent them.

You also need to allow these IT professionals to perform tests on your network occasionally. These tests can help you identify potential holes in your network security. Fixing these problems before they are exposed by cyber-criminals is crucial.


5. Artificial Intelligence is Becoming Very Popular

Manually maintaining and optimizing databases can be frustrating and exhausting. Rather than subjecting yourself or your team to this task, you need to think about using AI-infused technology to handle this. With the power of AI, you can collect and analyze more data without concern.

This is great news, particularly for businesses who are on the verge of substantial growth. With the help of AI, you can scale your data collection and analyzation in a hurry. The more data you are able to collect, the easier you will find it to attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal.

Allow Data Management Professionals to Help You

Are you looking for a way to use data analyzation to your advantage? If so, consulting with technology professionals is a must. They can help you get the best database management tools in place and maintain them to ensure there are no problems.

Professionals can take a look at the needs of your business and recommend the best database management tools. Once these tools are in place, these professionals can maintain them and keep them functional for years to come.

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