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Top hurricane safety tips

Hurricane is real. It’s coming. It can be devastating—especially if you are not prepared. In particular, those living in susceptible locations, the effects of a hurricane can be extreme and discouraging. From property destructions to even death, you cannot underestimate the effects of the hurricane. Luckily, this article contains the tips you need to survive this coming hurricane.

But first things first……..

What’s Hurricane?

Regarded as one of the worst disasters in the world, a hurricane is a tropical cyclone that leads to torrential rains, flooding, storm surges, as well as high winds within a span of a short time—typically two weeks. Hurricane can tend to affect the eastern seaboard, coastal areas, as well as the barrier islands.  The wind speed of a hurricane can go as high as 74 mph.

Safety Guidelines

Now that you have navigated the temporary corner of defining hurricane, let us dive into the necessary safety guidelines.

Before a Hurricane

Security is important. So, secure your property. Use permanent storm shatters—they are great at offering protection when it comes to windows and doors. You can also consider boarding up the windows with marine plywood. Choose the best plywood. Preferably go for the ⅝” model. Remember, tape won’t deter the storms from breaking your windows. Instead, consider installing straps. They will help securely fasten the roofs as well as a frame structure. With this approach, you are able to do way with roof and window damages.


Be sure to trim all trees before hurricanes. This will not only minimize the occurrence of broken branches but also debris. Remember, broken branches can pose a great danger to you, family members, properties, and even animals. So, get rid of them and stay safe.

Misdirected Flooding

Misdirected flooding is common, especially during a hurricane. To prevent it, invest in clear loose as well as clogged rain gutters. You can also use downspouts—they are effective in preventing misdirected flooding.

Always Stay Informed

This is especially if your area is prone to hurricanes. Monitor the situation by listening to the radio, TV, the internet, etc. Pay close attention to evacuation alerts.

From here, consider closing all storm shutters. Secure all lawn grills, furniture, bikes, and toys. Don’t forget to secure hanging plants, gardening tools, and trash barrels. Also, consider contacting a water restoration company like dryworkswaterdamagerestoration.com for help with water removal. 


Ensure that all utilities are turned off as per the authorities. Keep all doors and windows closed. The refrigerator and freezer should be adjusted to the coldest setting. All propane tanks should also be turned off.

Additional Tips

Other tips include:

  • Securing your boat vessel
  • Putting the valuables on high shelves
  • Keeping chemicals on high shelves to minimize contact with water
  • Constructing a safety room
  • Purchasing a working fire extinguisher
  • Giving all the pets in the house IDs
  • Preparing all the documentation ready in case you need to file for damage you’re your insurance company
  • Photographing and scanning important documents—including driver’s license, passport, social security card, tax statements, etc. Consider uploading these documents to your email. Also, don’t forget to laminate hardcopies. Then store them in watertight containers.
  • Secure all electronics in higher shelves
  • Charge your cell phone
  • Fill water reservoirs with clean water
  • Stay inside

The Bottom-Line

Stay safe during a hurricane. Use the above tips to secure your property.  Remember, a hurricane isn’t a joke. So, stay alert. 

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