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Top Methods of Vehicle Security

Your vehicle, whether that is a car, van, motorcycle, HGV or motorhome, will probably be the second most expensive purchase you make after your home. And with new and used vehicle values rising along with vehicle theft statistics – the latest figures from the DVLA show that 48,500 cars were stolen in 2021 – now is the time to make sure you do everything you can to prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

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GPS Trackers

The most effective security device you could invest in is a GPS tracker. These devices can track your vehicle wherever it is. If it does get stolen, the vehicle can be swiftly recovered. However, where it is obvious, for example with a sticker on the window, that a tracker is installed somewhere on a vehicle, all but the most determined thief will leave it alone.

A GPS tracker will help to lower your insurance premiums and give you peace of mind that your vehicle is protected to the highest standard. There are quite a few different options to suit all circumstances and budgets. It might be wise to consider seeking advice from a GPS tracker specialist such as Trackershop.

Alarms and Immobilisers

All but the oldest vehicles, that is those manufactured before 1998, will likely have a factory-fitted immobiliser as standard. An immobiliser is a device which disables the engine and only allows your vehicle to be started using the correct key or fob. This protects your vehicle from being hotwired.

Alarms can be useful in alerting you to an attempted theft or interference with your vehicle providing you are close enough to hear it and take action. Unfortunately, it is common nowadays for alarms to be ignored. Silent alarms are the type that don’t make an audible alert but send a message directly to your device. This enables you to call the police or another security company.

Wheel Clamps and Steering Wheel Locks

In addition to the more high-tech and expensive security devices for your vehicle, steering wheel locks and wheel clamps are the most basic but still effective. Buy the strongest of these that you can, as these will be the hardest to cut through and remove. Vehicle thieves usually want to get into your car as quickly as possible so anything which makes it harder and more time-consuming for them is likely to put them off and leave your vehicle alone.

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Dash Cams

Dashboard-mounted cameras are being increasingly used in all types of vehicles from private cars to HGVs and courier vehicles to emergency services vehicles. They can provide useful footage of any incidents which occur out on the roads. They can also provide a useful deterrent to thieves especially the motion-sensor variety which will record whatever happens to your vehicle while stationary. This recording can be sent directly to your phone or another device to provide you with useful footage for the police or your insurers should anything happen.

Doorbell Cameras

Smart video doorbell cameras are increasingly used by homeowners as a reliable method of seeing who is at the door without needing to physically be there and many of these types of cameras will have a wide-angle option. This means you can also see anyone trying to interfere with your vehicle whilst it is parked outside. Audio features mean you can actually communicate with anyone outside your house which is usually enough to make any opportunist thief sharply disappear.


Finally, home CCTV installations are also a useful deterrent to any thief who may be lurking around your home and contemplating stealing your vehicle.

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