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Car cover frost protection

Winter is coming! no. Winter is here to stay for a few days more. With the following tips, you can improve your car frost cover protection and, incidentally, improve your driving experience, especially when starting off.

Winter has taken over the European map, to the point that frost has already settled as part of the morning landscape. It is time to start protecting the car from the cold using winter car covers and other means.

Europe has variable low temperatures, but if you are going to leave the car outside in a place where the thermometer can drop below -10 0C, keep in mind that both diesel and liquid in the cooling circuit can freeze at -20 0C.

In the second case, the damage caused is practically irreparable, so we recommend you periodically check the state of the coolant because, over time, it accumulates impurities that can increase its freezing point until repairing it may turn into a problem. 

Fortunately, gas stations in mountain areas incorporate special additives in winter to prevent diesel from freezing. So, if you have refuelled before leaving for the ski resort and you are going to leave your vehicle sleeping in the open, keep in mind that, in the morning, it may not even start. 

Tips to protect your car from the cold:

1. Protect the windshield wipers: A cork stopper will be enough to prevent them from being in contact with the windshield avoiding hardening and cracking due to frost.

2. Using winter car covers: Make sure you have acquired proper outdoor winter protection. You will require a breathable 4 layer, outdoor, waterproof car cover with padded soft feel with optional locking kit and welded seams.

3. Water, not even in the wipers: the glass of the windscreen washer system is less susceptible to breaking by frozen water than the fine cooling ducts, although it can also pass. Of course, as you do not put a specific product or pour a little alcohol in the tank, you will not be able to use the cleaning fluid when starting in the morning because, almost certainly, it will have frozen in the ducts.

4. Ice in the locks: Ice can cover the slot through which the keys are inserted, the internal mechanism may be frozen and, in that case, either you will not be able to insert the key or it will not rotate. Be advised, never use brute force; hot water, alcohol … whatever you have on hand to defrost that area before trying to open again.

6. Scratch, yes; Chip, no: Get a hold of a palette to work as little as possible, it is best to start the car before starting to scratch the ice and turn on the heating so that the windows are warming up on the inside.

7. Prevent condensation: To prevent water from condensing on the windshield as a precaution, you must first change the cabin air filter and second, clean the inside of the window regularly. To defrost it in the fastest way, turn on the air conditioner at the beginning and slightly open the windows.

8. Cold starts: If you have trouble starting your car, it is most likely because the battery is losing capacity due to the cold. It is advisable to recharge it at the beginning of winter. Also, there are products you can use to prevent saline deposits in the terminals.

If your diesel car is going to sleep in the open, make sure it is covered, and prepared for long time exposure to winter conditions so you are not left out in the cold once you come back for your car.

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