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Top Marketing Professions: Which Direction to Choose?

Now on the information market there are many courses that teach the profession of a marketer and related specialties. But are these professions in demand in 2021? Is it worth trying yourself in the role of a marketer at all, and what kind of specialists are employers looking for? All this and a little more will be discussed in our article.

Marketing job market overview

In 2021, LinkedIn published a report according to which the demand for marketing professionals grew by 63%. Over the year, employers posted more than 380 thousand vacancies for marketers and other specialists in this niche on the social network. At the same time, about 5% are remote positions, and 50% are companies that are looking for new employees for the team, digital and media agencies.

According to HeadHunter, the growth rate in popularity of marketers has increased significantly since 2018. Compared to 2013, the demand in the domestic job market increased by 155% by the beginning of 2019.

According to LinkedIn, most of the employers’ job requirements are related to understanding search engine optimization and social media marketing. In addition, the most in-demand skills were:

  • product marketing,
  • image processing in various graphic editors,
  • ability to work with analytics systems,
  • setting up advertising (PPC and targeting).

According to HeadHunter and LinkedIn, the most in-demand marketing professions in 2021 remain:

  • SMM-managers and targetologists,
  • PPC specialists,
  • SEO-optimizers,
  • account managers,
  • copywriters,
  • content managers,
  • email marketers,
  • brand managers,
  • PR specialists,
  • community managers.

That is, now the need for narrow specialists has increased. If earlier, until 2019, marketers and universal advertisers were mainly required who have experience in advertising agencies, now the vector has changed. This is due to the fact that the number of channels of interaction with the consumer is increasing, as is the number of companies, including those in complex niches that are moving from offline to online. Therefore, one universal specialist can no longer handle the number of tasks that is necessary to promote brands.

Over the past few years, a large number of successful digital startups, marketplaces and aggregators have appeared on the market. In these niches, the competition literally goes off scale, and the one who invests the budget in marketing wins. Therefore, the demand for marketers and narrow specialists in this area is also increasing.

Recruiters are confident that the popularity of marketing professionals will grow every year. But it is rather difficult to predict which specialties will be in priority. Most will need to improve their skills and learn the basics of related professions in order to stay in the ranks and withstand the competition.

Top Marketing Professions: An Overview of Hard Skills and Career Prospects

Let’s dwell on the most top-notch professions that can most often be found on the job market.

1. SMM-manager and targetologist

As a rule, employers want the SMM manager to also be engaged in setting up the target. But sometimes a team needs a niche specialist. So, let’s figure out who is responsible for what.

The SMM manager is tasked with promoting the company on social networks. The following responsibilities fall within his area of  responsibility:

  • Creation and development of a promotion strategy in social media.
  • Drawing up a content plan.
  • Planning outreach activities: sweepstakes, games, etc.
  • Preparing content for stories and posts in the feed. Sometimes this responsibility is delegated to a copywriter.
  • KPI analysis.
  • Setting up a target if there is no targetologist in the team.

SMM managers continue to be in demand in the profession market. But since the interest in the specialty is growing every year, there are many low-quality intensives and marathons that produce the same specialists. Now only the one who provides the portfolio can get a job. The rest will have to take either projects at a minimal cost, or work for cases. Look for promotion Tiktok account – visit website tokrush.com.

The targeting analyst directly tunes only ads. He does not deal with content and audience work. However, he can give recommendations on how to package the account, and request data on how sales managers process customer requests.

The duties of the targeting specialist include:

  • Analysis of the market, niche, target audience and competitors.
  • Creation of creatives and advertisements. A specialist can work on visuals alone or in tandem with a designer.
  • Setting up an ad on social networks.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign. Adjustments are made if necessary.
  • Preparation of reports.

The prospects for this specialty are also quite bright. Basically, targetologists are in demand in digital agencies, providing integrated marketing to clients. But those who have a good background in setting up advertising campaigns in different niches and are guided in important metrics for business can apply for serious positions.

2. Contextologist (PPC specialist)

The main responsibility is setting up and maintaining an advertising campaign in Google Ads. The specialist works both with one system and with two, depending on the project.

Consider the skills and abilities of a contextologist:

  • Market analysis, target audience and competitors.
  • Collecting the semantic core.
  • Selection of landing pages for advertising.
  • Create product ad copy and creatives. A designer can be involved in the preparation of the visual.
  • Formation of a media plan and calculation of the budget for the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Setting up and launching campaigns.
  • Analysis of the results obtained.
  • If necessary, make adjustments to the campaign.

First of all, contextual advertising is aimed at a warm audience that is ready to buy a product here and now. Therefore, the demand for PPC specialists in 2021 is quite high.

3. Copywriter

This is a text content specialist. But sometimes the participation of a copywriter is necessary to develop a banner or other visual.

The duties of a specialist include:

  • Writing sales texts for company products.
  • Creation of promo posts, grocery ads.
  • Writing text for a landing page.
  • Development of slogans.

But other specialists also work with text content. For example, authors are responsible for writing articles for company blogs and online media. These are not promotional materials, although they can transparently hint at the benefits of the company’s product.

The editor and proofreader are engaged in bringing the material to perfection – proofreading mistakes and typos, fact-checking, and so on.

Although the division of specialties is very conditional. Therefore, in vacancies you can often find related duties. For example, creating sales texts for a company, as well as proofreading materials from guest authors.

4. Email Marketer

The task of the specialist is to ensure the promotion of the company’s products using email newsletters. Work with instant messengers is often added to email.

So, an email marketer should be able to:

  • Create a relevant content plan for all communication channels with the audience.
  • Configure mailings and plan mailing chains.
  • Analyze and segment target audience.
  • Analyze KPIs.

Despite the declining popularity of email newsletters, warming up the audience in messengers has a positive effect on business. Therefore, email marketers continue to be in demand in 2021. Most employers are ready to use absolutely all communication channels in order to get more clients.

5. SEO optimizer

The duties of a specialist include the promotion of sites in search engines. An SEO specialist conducts resource optimization (external and internal) in order to improve the ranking in the search results and increase the flow of targeted traffic.

What SEO should be able to do:

  • Conduct an audit of the site – to identify errors that negatively affect the ranking of the site.
  • Collection and clustering of the semantic core.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Link building.
  • Statement of technical specifications for developers and copywriters.
  • Analysis of the results.

For 5 years now, every iron has been shouting that SEO is dead. In fact, SEO specialists are needed all the time. The main thing is to track trends and search engine updates in order to provide employers with quality services.

6. Brand manager

The specialist is engaged in creating brand packaging and promoting it on the market. The main goal is to increase the company’s recognition in the market, to form and maintain a positive reputation. The brand manager is responsible for strategy and participates in all work processes that can affect the company’s image.

Key responsibilities:

  • Creation of a brand promotion strategy.
  • Deep analysis of the target audience (needs, problems, customer expectations).
  • Formation of the brand image – values, mission, tone of voice.
  • Planning online and offline events for the development of the company – publications in the media, special projects, exhibitions, and so on.
  • Brand mentions monitoring.
  • Analysis of the results.

Brand managers are quite in demand. The problem is that such a specialist must have a good marketing background, and there are not very many such people on the market. To grow to a brand manager, you need to go from a classic marketer and collect a couple of useful skills, otherwise you shouldn’t try.

7. PR manager

The PR man promotes the company in the market and increases the recognition of its products. Builds communication with consumers, works with opinion leaders and editors of specialized media. The task of a specialist is to form a positive ij company.

So, the job responsibilities of a PR manager:

  • Analysis of the information field.
  • Monitoring of brand mentions on the network.
  • Planning a PR campaign.
  • Generation of news feeds.
  • Drawing up a media plan.
  • Organization and coordination of events.
  • Analysis of the results obtained.

The classic PR man is still in demand in the market. Employers are looking for professionals who know how to increase company awareness and generate sales. The number of open vacancies has not decreased over the years. The only problem is that most companies want to see the position of an experienced specialist. Read here about how to get more views for Tiktok video.

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