Manchester City Football Club has unveiled plans for a footballing academy and training complex in the east of the city. The proposed youth development and first-team academy will be built on an 80-acre brownfield site next to the club's Etihad Stadium. It will include 17 pitches and a 7,000 capacity stadium for youth matches. It will cater for up to 400 young players, 40 of whom will be accommodated and schooled on site.

The club's Chief Football Operations Officer Brian Marwood says the club wants to make a different type of player. He says,'It is important to make clear that the development and recruitment of youth talent is at the heart of our long term strategy of building a successful and sustainable football club for the future.' (BBC, 19th September 2011)

ASDA has seen its customer base expand significantly over the last few years through its online services, and ASDA Direct. ASDA's training and development programmes help its colleagues and managers to grow to meet these challenges. ASDA's aim is 'to ensure we identify and create a robust internal succession plan to develop our internal talent'.

ASDA's tailored and personalised approach to training and development is designed to provide a structured yet flexible approach to meet its current and future leadership needs as well as a long-term career path for its colleagues.ASDA takes the long-term view that investing in training and development is the right thing to do both for the business and its people.

Appropriate investment in training and development increases retention of colleagues and leads to higher performing and productive teams, which in turn support ASDA's growth and expansion plans. By developing colleagues with the potential to be General Store Managers (GSMs), ASDA has put in place a robust long-term succession plan to develop its senior managers of the future.

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