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An appraisal is a formal and informal process through which an employee is able to discuss their training and development needs with an appraiser. The process enables a two-way communication process between the employee and the organisation.

The employee is able to get a better understanding of the needs of the organisation, while the organisation gets a better picture of the development needs and requirements of the employee.


The appraisal can be seen as part of a performance management process. At the meeting, it is possible to establish individual targets for the year ahead and to discuss the achievement of targets established at the previous appraisal meeting. In some organisations, the process will be linked to pay.

Training and development

An appraisal is a good motivational tool because it enables an employee to communicate their personal goals and aspirations to the organisation.

The appraiser can then identify training and development opportunities, such as training courses, which may be appropriate to the individual being appraised.

Prior to the meeting, the appraisee should fill in a form which the appraiser should study before the meeting takes place.

Audi uses an appraisal system to help technicians to identify targets and avenues for appropriate development. The appraisal process is coupled with online personal development tools.

Appraisal, when managed effectively, is a good motivational tool because it provides the opportunity for employees to identify ways of meeting their higher-order work needs (i.e. ones related to creativity and self-fulfilment).

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