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Training behind UK businesses what options are available

Training has always been a vital and valuable tool used by UK businesses. However, in today’s digital world the type of training required in order to not only keep up with, but get ahead of the competition has changed dramatically.

Different parts of the country have slightly differing skill gaps, with North East businesses currently in particular need of digital based training. Here, we’ll look at the training opportunities available to north east businesses and the key things you should be focusing on.

Digital training – What are your options?

There’s currently a worrying digital skills gap, not just in the north east, but throughout the whole of the UK. It’s estimated that in the not too distant future, around 90% of jobs will need employees to be have strong digital literacy. However, at the moment very few businesses are incorporating digital skills into their training program.

Search engine giant, Google, started to address this issue last year, providing digital training to north east businesses. There has also been an increase in the number of digital training courses and qualifications on offer, with some dedicated to social media management, and others focusing more on larger-scale digital skills.

If you employ IT professionals, one specific type of training you’ll want to invest in is Cisco, offered by companies like Global Knowledge Network Training Limited. There are a lot of different Cisco certification courses available, so it is worth comparing them to see which would fit your business needs. Incorporating Cisco systems into the workplace deliver a lot of benefits, most importantly – cost saving benefits.

Research carried out has shown that businesses which incorporate Cisco systems, manage to reduce their yearly operating costs by as much as 20%.

Corporate training

As well as digital training, a recent study conducted by Activia Training UK, has discovered UK businesses are failing to invest in corporate training. This has led to the UK ranking a disappointing 22nd place in the European Union.

Not enough money is being invested into professional development and that in turn is having a drastic impact on the UK’s economy. Many businesses are also still focusing on more traditional training markets, rather than newer, more sophisticated training tools.

Overall, north east businesses do have access to a wide range of training opportunities. The above are just some of the main types of training you may need to focus on.

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