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Why Get the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification?

PRINCE2®, an abbreviation for Projects IN Controlled Environments, is a procedure-based strategy to deal with any task adequately. One of the frequently used project management methods, PRINCE2® is used by numerous individuals and organizations from different verticals and industries. It is viable, adaptable, and creative.  

Originally, the methodology was known as Project Resource Organization Management Planning Techniques (PROMPT). In 1989, PROMPT II was adopted by the CCTA for creating the IT Project Management system for the UK Government. It was named PRINCE, that was the abbreviation of PROMPT II IN the CCTA Environment. Later, a competition was organized for finding a better full form for the PRINCE acronym. At first, ‘PRojects IN Controlled Environments’ was selected which was later changed in 2009 to its current full-form ‘PRojects IN a Controlled Environment’. Since then PRINCE2 has become the standard methodology for project management. With PRINCE2 certifications, you can demonstrate your understanding of the concepts of the methodology. 

Whatever project it might be, regardless of whether it is tied in with building a flyover, software programming, or launching an advertising campaign, the subjects, procedures, and standards of PRINCE2® will assist you with understanding every one of them. This technique belongs to the public domain and offers a non-exclusive but best way to deal with any undertaking. 

The 2016 AXELOS PRINCE2® survey shows that a dominant part of the surveyees, especially from Germany and the Netherlands, felt that the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification is required for better professional development. The ones to opine in any case remained at under 10% of the total votes. 

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification 

Basically, there are two levels in this certification, Foundation level, and Practitioner level. 

  1. Foundation Level 

This degree of affirmation affirms that its holder has satisfactory information and comprehension of the strategy for PRINCE2® and can work in a project management team utilizing all the techniques.  

In case you choose this, you should be able to: 

  • Depict the purpose and significant content of all things, the seven standards, themes, and the procedures.  
  • Describe the management tools known as input and output by utilizing the seven procedures.  
  • Describe the principle reason and key substance of significant management tools.  
  • State the connections between procedures, deliverables, jobs, and all the management attributes of a project. 
  1. Practitioner Level 

This degree of affirmation affirms that its holder has built up a sufficient knowledge of the principles of the way PRINCE2® can be effectively applied to in a given situation and will have the option to also apply the equivalent in a real-life project under adequate guidance. Nonetheless, qualified PRINCE2® Practitioners who have pursued the APMP level of the Association for Project Management (APM), are not qualified to attend specific subjects of the curriculum, ones that have been covered in PRINCE2® Practitioner stage.  

In case you opt for this, you must know how to: 

  • State detailed clarifications of all the principles, themes, procedures, and real-life examples of all PRINCE2® products because they can be applied in a provided project situation. 
  • Depict that you have grasped the connections between the principles, themes, and procedures of PRINCE2® products and able to apply this knowledge.  
  • Depict that you thoroughly understand the purposes for the standards, subjects, and procedures of PRINCE2® and comprehend the standards supporting these components.  
  • Exhibit your capacity to incorporate PRINCE2® to various project conditions. 

Benefits of the Foundation & Practitioner Certification 

There are numerous reasons as to why it is prescribed to consider PRINCE2®.  The 6 most outstanding among them are:  

  1. It is the business-standard  

In case you are looking forward to work with project management, then your long-time search stops at PRINCE2®. PRINCE2® is a certification that is perceived all around the world. It has also been endorsed by the UK government as the “best practice for project management”. It has transformed into a significant benchmark of ability within the business world and is viewed as a crucial prerequisite for those hoping to expand their project management profession. 

  1. Gain Useful Skills 

PRINCE2® offers the abilities that will surely make you self-confident when it comes to handling projects with progress. The key component it usually follows is utilizing a typical language, frameworks, and process. The expected result is you having the option to oversee assets and dangers with less errors, however, the experience will in any case teach you and all your teammates how to prevent similar mistakes. 

Regardless of the kind of project, company, or domain one is engaged with, PRINCE2® is sufficiently versatile to be flawlessly incorporated, not to overlook the colossal measure of time, cash, and exertion it saves. 

  1. Short Duration 

It won’t take you very long to finish all the accreditations of PRINCE2®. Their time span is from 20 to 50 hours for the beginner level PRINCE2® Foundation level, about 2-3 days for the PRINCE2® Practitioner and Professional levels.  

The foundation level can be easily studied on the web. You can take as much time as necessary in scheduling your study hours as per the timetable. However, if you wish to complete your certification at a faster speed, then there exist plenty of collective packages containing various classifications altogether. 

  1. Better Jobs 

Having a PRINCE2® affirmation lends credibility to any CV. PRINCE2® is a famous universally acknowledged program which offers the quality needed for dealing with any project. As indicated by Arras People’s 2011 survey, almost half of the individuals who chose the equivalent have accreditations in PRINCE2®. This unmistakably clarifies why many organizations are employing applicants who are skilled in PRINCE2®.  

It’s a well-known fact. PRINCE2® skills are recognized and acknowledged globally. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt that it results in better possibilities for you around the globe. Have you always dreamt of working abroad? If so, project management is an ideal choice. 

  1. Excellent Pay 

As per the survey done by the PayScale, the average pay for PRINCE2 certified professionals $97,000 in the U.S. The average salary of project managers in India is INR 6-11 LPA. 

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