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Virtual reality – a new trend in entertainment

Virtual reality is increasingly being introduced into various spheres. Nowadays, it is also used in the gaming and gambling sector. Moreover, it is turned into one of the fashion trends that is gaining momentum. Companies working in this field are beginning to actively use it to diversify the choice of entertainment.

Today, virtual reality is used in such areas as:

• Cinemas equipped with a small number of seats for virtual-world, which immerse the viewer in the world of virtual reality.

• Gambling establishments that claim to be the best casino online, actively implement games with support of virtual reality. For example, Shangri La online casino offers the possibility of remote gaming thanks to software with a live dealer.

• Computer rooms, in which virtual reality is used by analogous to cinemas, are equipped with individual gambling places.

In order to create virtual reality what equipment would one need?

To create a colorful and vibrant virtual world, you need a lot of highly specialized equipment. Yet, strangely enough, the main thing is the glasses. It is the main device that allows you to perceive the picture differently during the viewing.

Due to the fact that 3D glasses are quite expensive, they are not widely used in everyday life, not everyone can afford to buy them for home usage. In addition to the high cost there is one more drawback – quite an impressive weight. A person quickly gets tired while using them to play or watch movies.

Of course, to get the most realistic sensations, visualization only is not enough. You need a quality sound, tactile sensations, a sense of changing space. A good sound can be provided by professional stereo headphones, but how to provide other sensations? Today, generally, special seats which change the angle of inclination, vibrate, cool, heat, create the appropriate entourage are being used.

If the movie theatre is really cool, additional equipment for simulating smells can be installed in it. But here, too, everything isn’t that simple, because the smells must change each other in accordance with the changes in pictures and the situation in the frame.

How are modern cinemas equipped?

Theaters use the most expensive and modern equipment. The halls are equipped with 8-10 (rarely more) armchairs, glasses, helmets, equipment for air aromatization, water and steam spraying, fans for creating airflow, equipment for heating or cooling air, etc.

Such equipment is expensive and therefore isn’t spreading too quickly, mostly in big cities only.

What equipment do you need for virtual reality when it comes to casinos?

In the casino, visitors want to be in an atmosphere of privacy and security. That’s why many gambling people prefer to play on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Today, you can immerse yourself in the virtual reality world only with the help of desktop devices and browsers that support this technology. One can also use specialized software.

When developing virtual gaming halls, the main goal is to create the most realistic atmosphere, so that guests feel the effect of presence at the gaming table. More than a decade and a half ago, along with the traditional slots of online slots for fun, games began to appear where you can play with the live croupier. This was the first confident step towards the introduction of virtual reality in the field of gambling. The next stage is the “presence” of the player at the same table as the live dealer. But this requires special glasses.

Modern technology has appeared not so long ago, but active development continues, noted Darren Keane, Shangri La brand managing director. Furthermore, it is already confidently gaining momentum. Although, to firmly enter the masses, you need to make glasses more affordable. Then they will become a familiar and widely used gadget.

Virtual Reality in Computer Games

This direction in terms of development is somewhere in between the film industry and virtual casinos. Gaming halls are equipped almost in the same way as cinemas, except for equipment for imitation of rain, wind and smells. Virtual glasses for computer games that you may use at home are gradually becoming available to a wide audience.

The gaming industry future in mastering virtual reality

Virtual reality has taken root in the gaming sphere. Using special equipment, you can diversify leisure much cheaper than, say, going on a trip. In addition, this is the only option to visit the unseen worlds.

The first impression for all who encountered virtual reality is always bright and memorable. If you want to feel all its charms, but can’t afford to purchase glasses or visit the cinema yet, start playing at the Shangri La Live platform by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International gambling network. The real atmosphere of this casino and the presence of a live dealer are much different from the usual computer graphics.

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