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Ways To Communicate Your Frustration To Employees Without Making Them Feel Bad

There will be times when your employees will miss the mark, and while you can try to remain patient, mitigating a time-consuming or costly mistake can be incredibly frustrating. 

It is understandable if you want to make your feelings known; you can’t keep tolerating terrible behaviour at work and, if you don’t reprimand your employees, they might think everything is okay. 

The problem is that when you feel frustrated, you might say things, you will eventually regret. You can also be too harsh on your employees, and they start to feel bad about it. Since you need to communicate your thoughts as the leader, these tips could help you.  

Wait before you react 

Calm yourself down first before you react. When you’re at the height of your emotions, you may be prone to saying things that, later, you will regret. Take your time first before reacting, and allow yourself to gather your thoughts. Review what you have to say and change some words that might be inappropriate or damaging. When you have calmed down, you can have a better conversation with your employees. 

Provide suggestions 

Instead of showing how angry you are, you can have a more meaningful conversation by providing suggestions. In doing so, it becomes constructive criticism. Your employees will know what they got wrong, and what they can do in the future to be better. Don’t worry about getting held to your words. These are only suggestions. They will still decide what’s best when given a task in the future. 

Never use derogatory terms 

You might also feel tempted to use bad words because of your frustration. Regardless of how tempted you are, you should resist it. You’re all professionals, and you don’t want to treat a colleague that way. You’re not speaking to someone you don’t know; these employees are integral to your company, and they deserve respect. 

Use a calm voice 

Practice talking with a calm voice. Even if you already feel frustrated, you can still use a polite tone, so it doesn’t feel hurtful to others. When you feel like you’re about to raise your voice, try to hold back before you keep going. 

Write a letter 

If you don’t think you can express yourself well through a face-to-face conversation, you can consider writing a letter. In doing so, you have enough time to edit before sending it to your employees. 

You can send it through an email, but it’s more meaningful if you use your handwriting. It could take more time, but it’s worth doing. When your employees read it, they know that you mean well. You also made a lot of efforts to make them realise their mistakes. They will feel the challenge to do better. It would be great to invest in quality office supplies like paper and pens so you can use them any time you have to send a letter to your employees.

It’s challenging to be in your position, but you need to be creative in giving feedback. Try your best to avoid offending anyone since it could affect work relationships. 

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