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What are legal highs and their harms and benefits

Legal highs are a new psychoactive drug. It contains a lot of ingredients that are perfect for relaxing. A person who consumes will get its mind wander. It is available on Chemical Planet in different forms such as smoking mixture, powders, pills, liquids perforated tabs and capsules. It comes with eye-catching packaging. The ingredients used in it are described on the packaging. The powder form comes in different colors from brown to yellow. Moreover, the capsules are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The smoking mixture comes with bright color packaging. The ingredients are labeled on the packet and sold as herbal mixture.

How A Person Can Take It?

Well, it depends on the type of Legal Highs kaufen. If you are buying it in pill, capsule and powder form then you take it by snorting or swallowing. The smoking form can be spliff by a pipe or you can smoke it. We have also heard that people are injecting this drug. But it is very dangerous as like any other drug. Injecting can be harmful to your body. It can damage your blood vessels and can cause blood clots which can result in heart problems and blood infection. Moreover, it increases the chances of hepatitis C virus infection. Because most of the injectors use the same syringes.

How It Feels?

Whenever someone Legal Highs bestellen, it thinks how it will feel after taking the drug. There is not much data about the potency, effect on people, and what will happen when used with alcohol. The packaging has described the ingredients but you cannot be sure about what’s inside. So, it is very difficult to say what you are taking and what will be the effect of it. If you want some detailed information before buying it you can visit legal-highs.eu. There are following main effects of the Legal Highs drugs.


The use of Legal Highs will make you feel relaxed, euphoric and sleepy.


It will make you feel fast-thinking, euphoric, chatty, physically active and energized.


It contains hallucinogens which will make you hallucinate. Moreover, it will make you feel detached from the world, feelings of warmth, enlightenment, and euphoria.

Synthetic cannabinoids

These synthetic cannabinoids work similarly to cannabis. You will feel relaxation, disinhibition, more energetic, altered consciousness, and euphoria.

What will be the duration of the effects? depends on the amount of the Legal Highs you have taken.

Impact of Legal Highs

No matter the ingredients are pure or not, you should take this drug with care. Sometimes the pure things can harm when you consume more than recommended. However, the reports show that some people say that they really good time as the effect was so relaxing. However, some people also reported that the effect was stressful. So, there are chances of adverse side effects.

However, Legal Highs are not dangerous for safe use. But it is after all a drug so over-consumption is harmful. Moreover, there is not so much research about the new psychoactive substances that can describe its effects in detail. If you want to buy it then you should do so at recommended stores. These NPS can make your dependent. Moreover, make sure to not consume more dosage than recommended. Overdosage is not safe for anyone.

How Long They Are Detectable?

One of the questions that most people ask is how long it can be detectable? Well, it depends on different substances and the size and amount you have consumed. Cannabinoids cannot be detected with classic tests. But some special tests can provide enough proof of its consumption. It is one of the reasons that people buy Legal Highs. Because Police cannot detect it with a quick test. If you need more information for buying Legal Highs then visit Legal Highs EU.


So, can you get addicted to this drug too? Well, yes it can potentially get you hooked because it has the same effects as other drugs. So, there are chances that you will get addicted to it. Moreover, there are chances of withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it. That is why; it is important to take good care of your health. If your health is not good then do not consume Legal highs especially when you have a cough and cold. Moreover, if you have asthma then avoid using it.

Moreover, if you are pregnant then consuming these drugs is not good for your health. You need to take care of your unborn baby. A pregnant should not consume any drug, alcohol or nicotine. These things can affect the health of your unborn baby.

Legal Situation

When it comes to the legality of the Legal Highs, it is very complicated. There is not much research on this and that is why the government had declared individual substances illegal. Due to these complications, it is still possible to buy It in some cities in Germany without any legal situation. However, the government has taken some steps in recent years to combat Legal highs. Due to this the government of Germany classified it as illegal. But you still can buy it without any problem if you order it from abroad. A simple test cannot recognize this drug so it is possible to move it. Most of the people order it from the EU so there is no danger of customs.

What About Other Countries?

It is also classified as illegal in some other countries. Some laws allow only an adult to buy it. You cannot sell it to a minor. In Austria, only the drug sellers are punishable which means you will not get any punishment by buying it. In short, Legal highs are legal in Austria.


Legal highs have some risks. If your health is not good especially if you have asthma or you are pregnant then you should avoid consuming this drug. A safe use is strongly recommended. These risks are the reasons that this drug is illegal in Germany.

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