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What are lightning deals


One of the best ways to buy an item at the cheapest prices or with attractive discounts is lightning deals. These types of deals are very commonly seen when you are shopping online. This is one way of bringing in a lot of customers to the website and to make them buy a product or two. The lightning deal will not last a long time. It might be out on the internet for a few hours. In order to get the products you want on sale at any online lighting deals, you need to be very quick in shopping online. Everyone who is looking to shop at discount prices will be waiting for such deals and hence only the first set of customers who shop would be able to enjoy the special offers.

What is a Lightning Deal?

A lightning deal is a flash sale offered by websites from time to time. The customers can make use of these deals to buy the products they want at attractive prices. Normally, these types of deals will be coming with a minimum of 20% discount from the retail price of the products. There are certain products that might be sold for more than 40% to 50% of their market price. The main thing to note with these kinds of deals is that they will only be available online for a limited time period. To be precise, the lightning deal sale will only be put up for about 4 to 6 hours. These are amazing deals and they can be gone at the blink of the eye.

These lightning deals will appear on the website as for today’s deals. The best websites will be putting up popular deal categories so that the customers can get access to the necessary product deals they are looking for. There will be a timer displayed under the product showing the time left for the deal. You might even see a percentage number showing how much percentage of the product is sold and what percentage is remaining. Once the offers of a lighting deal are all purchased and it reaches 100%, then the product will be put as sold out. If you want to buy the product, then it might be available for its market price without any discount.

How to Quickly Claim Lightning Deals?

The customer who likes to buy products that are on lightning deals needs to be very quick in buying it. They can sell very fast and you should be reaching the deal and accessing the website as soon as it goes online. There are a few things that you should consider when buying through these hot deals. These tips will make the entire process easier and quicker.

  • It is very important to get access to these lightning deals. You should sign up at the shopping website and give your email address to get notified in advance about the upcoming lightning deals. Once you get the email, it is better to check out the website to see the products that are up for grabs and when they will be sold at a discounted price online.
  • There are certain lighting deals websites that offer special access to the lightning deals for their exclusive and prime members. If you happen to sign up to such websites, then you might get to access the offer half an hour or one hour before all the other customers get to lay their hands on the deals.
  • One tip is to shop earlier. This means you should visit the website and add the product you want to your shopping cart. This can be done even if the product is currently not on lighting sale. Once the deal is on, you can buy it for the discounted price as you have it already placed in your cart.
  • Most of the shopping websites will have a waitlist option. There are chances that people might change their mind at the last minute and if you are in the waitlist, you get the chance to buy it due to one or two dropouts. Here, patience is the key and you should wait for the offer to show up on the screen and then add it to your shopping cart.

Sign up to Not Miss a Deal

One of the best options to not miss any of the hot deals offered by your favorite shopping websites is to enter your email address in the space provided for the newsletter. By this way, all the lighting deals that the website comes up with will be intimated to you on your email. This might be in the form of best deals today mailer from the shopping website. You do not have to visit the website every day to check if the hot deals are available or not. This allows you to save your time and effort.

Claiming the Lightning Deal

Once you have spotted the product that you want to buy on lighting deal, click on it and then add it to the shopping cart. It is very important to quickly buy the product once it is added to the shopping bag as there is a time limit to buy it as well. There might be a tier appearing close to the lighting deal mentioning the time remaining to do the purchase. Once you have added to the shopping cart, you should check out and then verify the shipping address. After this, you need to choose the payment option and carry out the payment process. Once done, you will find the shopping cart to be empty and you get details about the completion of the sale.


There is no doubt that lightning deals are the best option for the customers to buy the products they want at unbelievable prices. The products can be bought at very cheap rates than what you get in the physical shops. You need to have patience, quick hands, and faster payment options in readiness to quickly complete the purchase of the chosen products that are listed in the lighting deals category.

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