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What are the best technologies for virtual collaboration?

Today, numerous companies from all across the globe use remote offices which collaborates employees from all across continents and it comprises those people too who survive in time-zones. Though the finest process to accomplish group projects is habitually believed to be in-person and direct environments, it isn’t a viable choice for the majority of the international companies. And this is why discovering some dependable ways of using technology is a vital tool for corporations:

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  • Organize then well –A good organization is considered the key to run an effective virtual meeting. The instructions for getting started are as follows:
    • Possess a notification system – When people work remotely then it means they will remain disconnected from their team. And so, an intelligent notification system turns out to be hugely helpful. You must make sure that all the participants have been receiving a notification nearly fifteen minutes before the meetings.
    • Possess a group calendar – You must also send out some calendar invite before the meeting. Additionally, you should confirm that everyone has been attending the meeting. It will aid every person in planning ahead and arrange their week accordingly.
    • Discover a tool which works fine for you – Superior-quality technology is vital for averting communication matters that happen from equipment malfunctions or poor connection. You can get several video conferencing tools from where you can take your pick, like Uber Conference, Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts, Skype, WebEx, and GoToMeeting.
    • Concentrate on the important things – Every meeting must possess a crystal clear objective and every person should keep in mind that they have been taking the valuable time of other people. Asking participants to remain attentive to minor problems that do not affect them isn’t an effective method of running a meeting. Always coordinate the discussion formed on some key topics, progress blockers, or the bigger picture. When you can solve something via Google Search then it must not be on your agenda for the meeting.
    • Assume a vital video-on policy – Numerous companies possess a vital “video-on” policy. Communication tends to be highly effective when a non-verbal clue is involved. What you are saying is important besides how you are saying. Again, you must also put your face to your voice because humans do respond extremely well to faces. This is the reason it is easier to write harsh comments on YouTube and tough for having honest discussions with your partners. Again, facial expressions do also humanize the virtual meetings. Hence, it is wiser to use videos in virtual meetings.
    • Jira – It is a vital option for teams that have a highly software-based or technical based project. This is a useful and potent tool to plan out some development projects, tracking bugs, battling issues, playing some games, like Maxbet, etc. There are many useful plugins for the product for augmenting their capacities and Jira is found in some separate versions that are tailored for particular uses.
    • WebEx – WebEx is considered one of the well-known enterprise tools used for online meetings, video conferencing, webinars, and screen share. It is also an easy-to-use and versatile platform that combines well with many prevalent applications. Some plans that are obtainable do range from Starter, Business, Plus, and Personal.

What are the best technologies for virtual collaboration?

TrueConf – TrueConf is an enterprise-grade video collaboration platform that provides offline operation, end-to-end encryption, 4K video conferencing with up to 1,000 participants, team messaging, screen sharing & slideshow, polling, recording and much more. TrueConf offers lifetime and annual paid licenses, as well as a free plan with up to 12 users.

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