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What Benefits an End-to-End Software Development Brings

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There are numerous approaches used in the IT industry. Each of them offers several pros and cons and has its appreciators and fans. When it comes to the software development process, is an end-to-end software development concept that today gets credit from most customers. Do you know about this?

We have some thoughts to share with you about an end-to-end approach in software development and what benefits it provides both clients and developers. To get the most relevant information, we asked specialists from Euristiq to tell a couple of words about that concept.

What Is the End-to-End Software Development Concept

First of all, what is an end-to-end approach? The definition is simple. Today, almost everyone knows that the process of software development consists of multiple stages, and it requires the teamwork of several specialists. Of course, there are full-stack developers who are considered to be Jacks of all trades, but still, even they need the intrusion of designers, PMs, and QAs. Thus, end-to-end development is the process of product development from scratch fully performed by one team.

You can compare it to the route from point A to point B according to a roadmap. It is a roadmap which is a key feature of that approach. From the very start, the team and the customer conclude on the details of a process and the results.

Then, in the course of end-to-end development, the development team gradually moves between milestones along the roadmap, reaching intermediate and then final results.

Why Choose That Approach

This approach assumes that you trust the development process to the same team to make it turnkey, and, accordingly, the intervention of third parties is minimal. In addition to the fact that the collective results of a well-coordinated development team are always much higher than the results of individually hired designers, developers, and testers, there are other reasons why end-to-end development is worth choosing this particular approach.

1. This is a cost-effective approach in which you pay for the services of the whole team, and not individual specialists.

2. You will also ask for results from the whole team, and not from individual specialists.

3. From the point of view of achieving results, this approach implies more accurate compliance with the requirements of the client, because the most detailed requirements are indicated on the roadmap.

Main Benefits You May Get from an End-to-End Development Team

From the developer’s point of view, the advantages of the end-to-end approach are obvious because they get carte blanche for full development, the choice of technologies, and the selection of a team that can most accurately embody the idea from start to finish.

And from the point of view of the client, this approach allows you to delegate maximum tasks to one team, and quickly receive feedback and reports on the work done. And of course, the guarantee of results with this approach will be higher. You should also not discount the savings, because the synergy of teamwork with an end-to-end concept is always high, which means that less time will be required for the development. This means that you will get a cheaper product without sacrificing quality or speed.

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