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What job can I get with Python? 7 best options

It’s not a secret that tech jobs pay well and offer excellent growth opportunities. And the world’s largest IT companies rely heavily on Python. This language’s popularity is caused by high productivity and simple programming syntax, which makes Python a go-to option for beginning coders. Moreover, Python is a universal language, meaning that it can be applied in multiple industries and careers. This article is going to show you the best jobs you can land if you are proficient in Python.

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7 best jobs you can get with Python

Python developer

Becoming a software developer is the most straightforward career path for those who specialize in Python. Software developers typically work for large tech companies or as freelancers. They build and optimize the work of websites writing the server side of applications. They write and document code, improve data algorithms, and protect data from breaching. In addition to Python, you should also know the web frameworks.

Product manger

If you know Python but don’t really want to immerse yourself into technical side of things, product management might be your perfect fit. They identify the features which will be of service for users, do market research and coordinate the team activity to bring the product to market. This role also requires customer relations management and excellent organizational skills.

Data analyst

The role of a data analyst is excellent for someone with an analytical mind and a high level of mathematical ability. The job involves processing large sets of data from various sources and interpret trends. This is done to derive meaningful insights that can drive decision-making. In addition to Python, you’ll also need to know libraries such as SciPy and have data visualization skills to present your findings to stakeholders.

Quality assurance engineer

QA engineers test the software built by developers to ensure its smooth functioning. They make test plans and cases, track bugs and check the results of debugging. Python here is needed to create automation scripts for testing that speed up the process and make it more efficient. Comparing to other IT jobs that require Python QA engineering has the lowest entry barrier.

Coding instructor

Have you always been fascinated by teaching kids or adults? Then, you can combine your interest in providing education services and your fluency in Python. Although some single-minded individuals can master Python on their own, most need a teacher to guide, answer their questions and track progress. You can land a computer science teaching job with a school, university or teach people online.

Data journalist

If you’re good with words, exploring a career of data journalist might be great for you. This career in a media world is relatively new, yet promising. These professionals sift through data using Python, analyze and summarize it, and then turn into informative stories. A degree in journalism is optional, but you’ll definitely need data visualization skills and an investigative mind.

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning is an advanced role for those who know computer science fundamentals, data modeling and ML algorithms in addition to Python. They build computer systems for artificial intelligence, which requires extensive theoretical knowledge, that’s why this role isn’t easy to enter. It requires deep knowledge of probability, statistics, and familiarity with machine learning frameworks.

A good resume will maximize your chances for a job

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