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What steps businesses should take now to prepare for GDPR

GDPR- General Data Protection Regulations had been slated to replace the Data Protection Directive by May end to protect the personal data of the EU citizens. A major reason why it is all over the news is the fact that is one of those rare amendments made to any Data Protection Act since the UK made changes to their Data Protection in 1998. Despite Brexit happening, this Act covers all EU citizens and so is expected to effectively replace the 1998 Act as well.

But before we get into the core details, what is this GDPR? And what has led the EU to contemplate enacting this strict law now? Monster Casino which is known for its exclusive slots no deposits bonus offers and a variety of casino games brings to you a compiled set of information on the same:

Introduction to the GDPR Act

This Act was introduced to unify all EU members’ stance on Data Protection and Regulation and to ensure the identical application of the laws across the European Continent. Personal Data can be anything to do with identifying a person and may include full names, email addresses, postal addresses etc. GDPR Act ensures that you have greater rights over your personal data. The companies collecting your personal information are expected to have more transparency in their handling and processing of data especially the sensitive ones.

The Customer Rights under the new Act

Basically, with the change in the rules, you will now have the following rights –

  • Right to be informed
  • Right to access data
  • Right to change data
  • Right to erase data
  • The Right to object to the processing
  • Right to move your data records
  • The Right to Object
  • Also, the rights about profiling and automated decision making.

Also, the companies must be more open in disclosing how they collect, store and process their data and be breaching this could fetch them harsher punishments. Avoid the possibility of severe financial penalties by hiring a GDPR EU representative service.

Preparing for the Change

So how do companies prepare for this change? The first step is that the companies should carry out a GDPR Audit by following the below given steps:

Step 1-  Reviewing your password protection to access customer information

Step 2- Encryption of devices that permit remote access to customer information and those holding private customer credentials.

Step 3- Conducting an information audit to determine the information source

Step 4- Reviewing your method of collecting, storing and processing information from customers

Step 5- Also, considering how to handle requests from customers to view, change or relocate the data.

The good thing is that the well-reputed companies will only benefit the most from this change. But the same cannot be said for the dishonest companies. Finally, from the consumers’ point of view, the four main ways in which the GDPR will benefit you are – the right to demand data from the companies, the right to have 100% faith and trust in the companies that they have invested emotionally in and the companies will focus on building the trust to support the demands of GRDP.

This blog shouldn’t be considered as legal advice, and businesses should seek professional legal opinion.

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