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What to expect when your child transitions to high school

If you’re a parent who already has a child attending high school, I’m sure you remember what it felt like on their first day. The excitement of them going to a big school with their new school uniform. The nerves because you’re thinking back to if you packed everything that was on the checklist. The shock that hits when you realise that they really are growing up right in front of your eyes. It’s truly an emotional experience.

For some parents reading this, you might have clicked because you yourself have a child who will soon be transitioning to high school. You don’t know what to expect but you’re wanting to see what others say from experience so that you know you’re doing things right. What stationary equipment do they need? Do they need folders and if so how many? Will they get homework on their first day? What if it’s too hard? It’s normal to feel this mix and have plenty of questions, but I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. If you do worry about homework you can always get help from a tutor in Bradford.

Naturally, for the student, it can be scary and nerve wracking to see so many older, much taller people. It’s not easy to find the way round the big building or sometimes, even buildings. Make sure to remind your child not to panic but rather to ask the teachers or other pupils where to go. They might get late for a few days to their classes, but it’s okay because getting lost in a place you’re not used to is normal. As long as they remember for next time and don’t make it a habit, they’ll be fine.

You should also encourage your children to try and talk with the other pupils in their classes. Most of their classmates will feel the exact same way they do so it’s always nice to make friends. These are the same people they’re going to see most days of the week, so encourage them to spark a conversation. Sometimes, transition days even have specific tasks to allow pupils to get to know each other better. After all, if they’re going to be with these pupils for most days of the week, it’s always better they know their peers.

In terms of the class work and the homework, there will definitely be more to learn and do than there was in primary school. It might feel overwhelming at first, but children will eventually get used to it and soon enough, it’ll just feel like normal. Sometimes, the work can be difficult to understand but children should make it a habit to always ask the teachers or home tutor questions in order to clarify.

Remember, high school takes a step into the world of independence so your child will learn many valuable lessons as they go on.

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