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Private schools in San Francisco

Private schools in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the world and is a popular destination for international students because of its multicultural environment, liberal atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

San Francisco is also known for its friendly history. Along with some of the world’s most prestigious universities, with Nobel Prizes and Pulitzer Prizes among their graduates, you will receive the best education in any discipline of your choice.

Study in the informal setting of your hometown of Silicon Valley, the cradle of scientific research and technology, near the headquarters of Google, Facebook and other technology innovation leaders. From impressive cuisine to influential cultural movements, the diversity and creativity of people is everywhere.

Types of Schools in the U.S.

The United States offers secondary education in all types of schools: full boarding schools, private schools with host families, and public schools. The choice of orientation is the widest – academic schools with the further goal of entering universities, applied schools focusing on multidisciplinary professional education and schools specializing in the humanities and arts, and high-level sports education. In American schools, scholarship systems, schedule variability and subject choice are common.

Unlike in England, the accommodation is more comfortable and the atmosphere more democratic. A characteristic is the constraint on the country when allocating places in universities – this must be taken into account when choosing a school. Very good learning experience and budget friendly in terms of cost – one year cultural exchange program in an American school.

Why choose a school in USA?

An American school education is first and foremost an opportunity for choice: innovative schools with integrated disciplines that emphasize not only academic achievement but also the skills needed to develop successful careers.

There is an opportunity to learn the secrets of art, practice various sports almost professionally and choose more complex projects. In some professional schools, in the classroom, children can gain practical experience on stock exchange simulators, conduct business activities, participate in volunteer programs, and obtain professional and post-graduation jobs in public schools. For example, at the Ross School in New York, marine biology is so popular that it won’t surprise anyone who goes on an expedition to examine marine animal species during the holidays! For further academic education, you can enter a community college and save money, or go straight to college. You need to take care of your grades in advance and pass the TOEFL and SAT exams.

Master’s and PhD studies require serious results in scientific research, and it is even better if you show high results in 2 majors. Scholarships and grants are very popular, and team project experience is highly valued.

The best way to gain experience, learn about the country and assess the level of independence from parental control is to do a six-month or year-long cultural exchange program before starting school.

Why San Francisco?

Ideal Location

San Francisco is located in the heart of Silicon Valley: its proximity to the world’s largest technology hub makes San Francisco’s educational institutions very attractive to students. Universities and schools are known for their strong backgrounds in science, technology, art and music.

The best educational institutions in the United States are located in this city

The best universities and schools in the United States are located in San Francisco: Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, Academy of Art University, San Francisco State University, etc.


If America is known as a melting pot, then San Francisco epitomizes this idea. Students from all over the world come to the United States to receive the best education possible. For these reasons, many students adapt more easily to a multicultural environment.

A hub of creativity and culture

San Francisco is considered the mecca for America’s creative people, with the largest art center, galleries and museums.

Center of History

San Francisco is surrounded by tourist attractions: the Golden Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower, cable cars, Lambert Street, and more.

How to get into a private school in San Francisco

Despite the high cost of attendance at private schools, all applicants are required to go through a complex multi-stage selection process. Standard documents for boarding school applications typically include a student application form, several years of progress, and letters of recommendation from mentors and teachers – all in English.

The next stage is an interview, which, for foreigners, is usually conducted via Skype. During the conversation, a school representative determines the child’s motivation, his expectations for the course, the presence of critical language barriers and general communication skills.

The child is then tested on his basic subject knowledge, usually math and English. To confirm language knowledge, foreigners can provide an International TOEFL certificate.

Cost of Studying in San Francisco

In California, the cost of studying for foreigners depends on the course/rating chosen by the educational institution. As a rule, San Francisco’s vacation language programs offer study fees of $1,500-$2,000 per week for teens and between $33,000 and $39,000 per student per year.

Additional costs include out-of-pocket expenses, entertainment, short trips not included in the program, airfare, transfers, visas, and medical insurance.

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