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What will it cost you to have a 3D printer?

Ever thought of acquiring a 3D printer for yourself? So that you can print numerous fun and useful 3D printing designs with it, or use that machine for growing your production process in your business? If your answer to these demands is yes, you will need to be asking yourself… what will it cost me to buy and use such a piece of technology?

There is no simple answer to this question, however. As with most types of products, it all varies on the quality that you’ll get from your machine. For such technologies, 2 kinds of things are important to think about. You have the cost of the actual 3D printer and also the used materials in the printing process. Thus, the overall cost of the printer will change accordingly.

Besides, in order to make the right decision, you will also need to think about what will be the use of the printer. As you’ll now see the pricing scale is pretty big. Thus depending on the technology used in printing, you can get yourself an FDA printer worth $200, or a professional model worth $5000.

Since the pricing range is so big, you have to decide what will be the exact use of the printer in order to make the right decision for yourself or the company.

FDM Printing Average Costs

Since 3D printers have been around for quite some time now, and the whole industry is experiencing rapid growth, lots of them have become pretty inexpensive. As already mentioned above, it is now possible to get a 3D printer for as low as $200. These printers, despite their costs, can still provide you with good quality prints. They might come with some limitations and you probably won’t be able to use them for mass-production and printing in much details, but they will still be of good use to you.

Thus, simple FDM technology printers will be very affordable and accessible to many people.

Costs of Professional Printing

If you’re looking to get yourself a high-end, professional printer then be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on a single machine. More sophisticated printers can print much more detailed models in a shorter time frame. And for that very reason, professional printers cost much more than your average ones. The printing technology in these machines is made to be accessible, fast and very detail-oriented. The more sophisticate the 3D printing technology is, the more you’ll have to pay for it.

In some cases, consider the option to just go to a printing organization. What is that you ask… well, those are usually small businesses that are centred around 3D printing, that have many printers in their possession and can print pretty much everything you want, in the quantity that you want. In many cases, this will cost you much less, then to actually get a printer yourself, and figure out how to use it.

3D Printing Materials Average Price

Depending on the quality of your printer, the cost of your materials will vary accordingly. As you might already have guessed, the more expensive is your printer, the more expensive will its materials be. So, when making your decision, also take into consideration the availability of the materials that you’ll have in the future.

In the case of cheaper printers, you can use many different types of budget materials interchangeably. However, in the case of professional printers, you might just be able to buy appropriate materials from the same single supplier. This will obviously change the costs of the materials as well. This is very important to consider, as you’ll need to be able to supply the right amount of filament to your printer constantly.

Some of the cheaper materials can cost you just above $10 for two to three kilos. And the high-quality filaments can costs you ten times as much, $100 for the same amount.

In conclusion, thanks to the rapid development of the printing technologies the market is now full of numerous affordable options. Also, the high-quality printers are becoming better and better each year at providing you with the most detailed and polished models you can ever desire.

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