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Bare Metal Server: Some things to understand

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As we take our first steps in the world of computing, whether on our own or at the helm of a venture or company, we will notice that needs are emerging. Needs inherent to this kind of project. To have total control of our business’s development and growth and enjoy the absolute freedom of action required in this circumstance, some companies can offer integral solutions in dedicated servers.

We are talking about a bare metal server, software, or infrastructure. However, we may run into some problems. For example, the high prices that this professional helps tend to have most of the time. It is only recently that new firms have emerged capable of lending us a hand for affordable prices, without suffering from the quality of their products, such as Heficed.

We can say that a dedicated server is computer equipment that, as its name suggests, has been created for a client that can take advantage of the maximum power of the machine. All the elements that make it up are included here, from RAM to the achieved computing power. Those who usually move in the world of cloud computing also often use the bare expression metal to refer to this services class. The main difference between these servers and virtual ones is that there are no layers that consume part of the device’s resources.

Another benefit of betting on a dedicated server is that you get a better level of control over it. The client is in charge of the configuration of the machine up to the administration of each of its data. Even the security environments that protect them. In certain areas, such as business, this means enjoying undoubtedly more advanced installation levels.

How are they alike, and how are they different from each other?

Of course, even when we are very aware of what a dedicated server is, that does not always mean that we know its capabilities or what to prioritize when choosing. This is one of the main reasons you should look at companies like Heficed, which have different ranges of dedicated servers, not only according to price but also because of the objectives pursued. Needless to say, then, some options provide access to higher RAM, more generous storage space, or the availability of a processor with greater computing power.

However, this does not mean that each of them, specializing in certain uses, then dispense with other essential benefits. All of these dedicated servers match some of their best features. For example, anti-DDoS protection for gamers, a private network of up to 10 Gbps, or hardware RAID.

Main uses of dedicated servers or bare-metal server

The possible uses of these servers are practically endless. They range from hosting Internet pages and web apps to hosting online games, Big Data, machine learning technologies, etc. It is precisely in terms of Bid Data that there is an exponential growth in the use of this type of server. Many companies and consumers choose them for some of their peculiarities, such as the comprehensive use of open source solutions.

Whether they are yours or your clients’, it is a fundamental aspect always to consider. There is also the issue of hybrid architectures. In other words, the interconnection between the vRack private network and the dedicated servers, which provides greater versatility than others can offer. Last but not least, customers can retrieve their personal data immediately when they see fit. This quality is called reversibility, a very well weighted value in these times.

As you can see, dedicated servers are almost essential for any startup or company that wants to move in computing fields and do it with ease and security. And its uses are numerous and varied. And now that you know its advantages and benefits, which ones make you think of hiring a bare metal server?

We introduce you to Proto Compute!

Proto Compute is one of the best bare metal servers available on the market. The Heficed’s bare metal server is very popular among companies operating in a strong discipline and privacy, such as financial companies, substantial retailers, medical service providers, and so on.

Why Proto Compute?

Stable and safe

This bare metal server provides a stable, secure, and single tenancy server. Proto Compute is thus well suited for large private clouds, full-stack application clusters, and all those requiring dedicated management of large amounts of data. Proto Compute can be ready to use in just a few minutes (about 10 minutes). It also supports multiple operating systems. You can choose between Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc.

Better management

With Proto Compute, you can select your location from Heficed’s global portfolio. You can also lease an IP address that is tailored to your needs. With boot-up control, reboot, and shutdown features, you can remotely control and configure your preferred operating system. There are at least 10 global locations owned by Heficed, and each of them has at least 2 Tier 1 ISPs and one local exchange point.

Supermicro server system

Proto Compute works on a Supermicro server system that supports both hot and less critical cold storage. Ultimately this will allow adequate hosting for any local or global organization that requires constant business-critical data access.

Big companies trust it

It’s trusted by big companies like IBM, Windscribe, Avast, bright edge, scraping hub, and so on. This achievement is enough to prove that Proto Compute is genuinely reliable.

Bare metal server is the best solution for any company that dreams of data management that applies a high privacy level. But a Virtual Machine is more than sufficient for a less private and more affordable solution. Heficed, as a cloud server provider company, also has a Virtual Machine product called Kronos Cloud. It is easy to manage, scale, and run cloud servers with multiple IP addresses.

It has:

– Up to 2048 Ips

– KVM Virtualization

– Intuitive Control

– Full Root Access

In the end, whatever server you choose, it should suit your needs and budget.

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