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How to choose the best mobile signal booster

Best mobile signal booster
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If you have never heard about mobile phone signal boosters, probably, you are just a lucky person and you have never experienced any issues with your mobile connection. However, if you are among those who are tired of suffering from unstable and poor GSM, 3G or 4G/LTE signals and you still do not know what a mobile amplifier is, it’s high time to change this situation.

Mobile booster: what is it?

A mobile signal booster is a special device that is intended to improve your mobile connection within a particular area. Boosters have very sensitive antennas and that’s why you can boost your cell phone signal by finding and receiving a signal even when a signal is shallow for your smartphone or tablet.

A standard booster kit includes one repeater box (that is the element that is responsible for making your signal stronger), one outdoor antenna (it is designed for catching the signal transmitted by your mobile operator) and one indoor antenna (it sends the signal from the booster box to all mobile devices that are located within the coverage area of your amplifier). Today, some boosters with a wider coverage area have more than one indoor antenna. You can place these indoor antennas in different rooms which will help to ensure stable connection in all the corners of your building. All the elements of the device are connected with coaxial cables that are usually included in a booster kit, as well as all necessary mountings.

Though some people are afraid to buy signal repeaters as they are not sure whether will manage to install a device at their place, these fears should be left aside. First of all, responsible manufacturers always include a manual with all the necessary instructions in the booster kit. And secondly, all modern mobile phone signal amplifiers have such a configuration that allows users to install these devices in buildings of different types and sizes.

Actually, as soon as you install your device, your participation in its functioning comes to an end. Now the device will work without your involvement. However, please be very attentive while installing and connecting all the elements. The efficiency of your amplifier in relation to your signal problems greatly depends on how you install it. If you’ve done everything correctly, you will simply get 4-5 signal bars instead of 0-1. If something is done wrong, nobody can guarantee that your booster will work well.

And there is one more thing that can help you to get the best results in solving your cell signal mobile problems. It would help if you opted for the right booster.

Today there are numerous models of mobile signal amplifiers. But how to find the one that will be the best one for you? That is exactly the question that we are going to answer now.

Let’s choose the most appropriate booster for you!

How to choose the best mobile signal booster? The first thing that you should do is detect the exact type of signal problems that you have.

You can buy a booster for improving the quality of calls. Or you can find a model that will strengthen your mobile internet signal. But there is also an option to install a device that will cope with these two tasks at the same time.

  • Step one: Detect the type of signal/signals that should be improved (GSM, 3G, 4G).
  • Step two: You should know for sure where you will install the device. There are different models for buildings of different sizes. Moreover, there are boosters that should be installed in vehicles, including cars, buses, vans, boats, yachts, etc.

We do not recommend buying a booster with a coverage area of 1000 m2 if you want to install it just in a small flat or office. There is no need to overpay for its power that is useless for you. Also, please, bear in mind that those boosters that are intended for larger buildings, usually have longer cables. But when you use cables that are longer than you really need, it can lead to signal losses.

  • Step three: Pay attention to the frequency bands that your booster is able to work with. Or in other words, make sure that the booster will be compatible with your mobile operator.

Many sellers provide lists of operators that repeaters can work within the descriptions of their devices which is very convenient. If there is no such a list, you can look at the frequency bands of a repeater and then find out whether your operator uses the same bands for sending the signal.

If you have found the perfect model that meets all your requirements, our recommendation is to check your seller. Make sure that it is a reliable company that offers good terms for payment and delivery, that it provides a warranty, has a return policy and that its boosters meet international quality and safety standards. Also do not forget to read the reviews written by those who have already bought the model that you like.

We wish you good luck in choosing your best mobile signal booster and solving your connection issues!

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