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Why cold calling is not dead

Improve your cold calling techniques and boost sales with the best cold calling script ever. Find out how you can put these insights to work for you.

Cold calling giving you the creeps? Well, the good news is that you’re not the only one who feels overwhelmed by cold calls. Picking up the phone and reaching out to a stranger from out of the blue isn’t something that has an especially palatable feel to it. This is due to the obvious lack of prior personal interaction or acquaintance. And the uncertainty in the kind of response you’d elicit from the prospect makes it seem even scarier. Little wonder why this aspect of sales is considered by most, including salespersons and business professionals to be the singular, most terrifying method of getting leads and pitching sales to new prospects.

Consequently, salespersons will do anything to keep away from using this method to pitch on someone who has never heard about their offerings before. The resultant effect, they lose out on the what may turn out to be an effective method of generating millions of dollars in actual sales today.

Why cold calling? Why not make use of emails, ads and the like?

Well, research suggests that many young adults would spend about a third of their walking lives on their device. This suggests that where all other tricks to reach out to these prospects may fail, calling stands a higher chance at catching their attention. Regardless if it only lasts for 3 seconds, at least, you have had the opportunity of speaking to them one-on-one. And for someone who know their game, this could be all the opportunity they require. It is sad however, that most people will easily pass on this great opportunity.

Suffice to say that you do not become good at something you very rarely did, or avoid at all cost. And much like a child who is learning to walk, when you want to become good at something, then no matter how many times you fail, you just keep going until you actually become good at it. Taking out the time to master the cold calling techniques I’m about to share with you will be a total game-changer in your

So, are there any cold calling tips and tricks that can go a long way to eliminate the fears which reduce your win rates? This is because when a prospect senses anxiety of any kind, they dive right into stealth mode – and just like that, their attention is gone. And without much ado, lets delve right into some of the workable cold calling techniques that will help you close all the time.

Do Your Research

To draft an effective cold calling strategy, you must know beforehand, who you will be calling. You should understudy the business you’re reaching out to, and how both your businesses align. Having a fore knowledge of their problems, desires and how your solution can solve their problems will cause them to want to take time out of their busy schedule to listen to your proposition.

  • It Is Not About You

There’s been a totally wrong mind set when it comes to this approach, and people tend to spend the entire passing moment talking about themselves instead of trying to elicit the interest of the prospect. Try as much as possible to make it a lot less about “me”, “we” and all the likes, but a lot more about the person you’re in contact with: How you can help them improve ton their processes and how your solution will help solve their problems. Focussing on the prospect works wonders, so instead of pitching, then trying to increase sympathy and trust, the right method will be to clear all ongoing thoughts, increase sympathy and trust and finally pitching. This example is one of the best cold calling scripts available making use of this intelligent structure. Following this script will not trigger the usual “Fight or Flight” response of the target person.

When you finally get that person engrossed in a conversation with you, you may finally begin to ask questions that may be of use to you, including what they want for their business or why they’ve chosen a particular solution. Now, you can tailor your pitch around these insights in a way that makes it feel more powerful.

  • Stay On Track

Cold calling takes a lot of practice. And even with this, it is way easy to get caught up in the shuffle during a cold call. To overcome this, you should take notes, stay organized and have an overall idea of the ultimate purpose of the call.

  • Listen

The aim of cold calling is not to have them listen to you speak. In fact, the reverse works even better. Listening to a person talk makes them feel valued. This way, you can easily build trust and get them to open up even more about their concerns.

  • Use Success Story to Get Your Foot in The Door

This is another great way to sell your services. Social proof works well in business today because it shows the prospect how your product has help other businesses with similar pain points. You need to demonstrate what problems you have solved for existing customers and how you did it exactly. Speaking about social proof, especially in large enterprises your target person might be protected“ by a personal assistant. sellingunleashed.com provides an excellent approach on how to get past the gatekeeper.

About the author

Dominic Lachmuth is a former sales training director with Groupon, former head of sales in a Google subsidiary and has over 14 years experience in B2B customer acquisition.

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