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Why Hiring a Magician For a Corporate Event Is a Good Decision

When planning an office party, you need to follow a couple of steps to make it a success.

First, you need a headcount of your employees to know how big the event will be, confirm your budget to cover all the expenses, and pick a date.

Second, you need to choose a venue, the theme of the event, and adequate food and drinks.

The third, often overlooked but vital component of any event is booking the entertainment. Don’t ignore this step!

Most people opt for a DJ or a live band for some fine ambient music, but if you want to make your employees go the extra mile, you really want to hire a magician for your corporate event.

A magician can go around the venue to perform booking the entertainment for small groups at a time and keep everybody entertained.

It’s new, it’s different, it’s fun, and it will make your event memorable for everyone.

Why a Magician for a Corporate Event?

Entertainment makes the difference between events you forget and events you memorize.

A good magician works like a chameleon. He will be suitable whether it’s a small, intimate gathering for your team to celebrate a particular success or a large business conference where hundreds of employees will attend.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are planning a holiday party, sales meeting, or an event for launching a new product. A magician will fit right in. Good entertainment is ideal for any networking and team-building event, or even an award banquet and literally any office event you have in mind.

Here are some of the pros for hiring a magician:

If you are the organizer of a corporate event, you can:

  • Become everyone’s favorite HR person;
  • Impress your boss;
  • Gain admiration from your co-workers and leave them a memorable experience;
  • Impress your clients and leave a lasting stamp in their minds;
  • Show your co-workers how you appreciate them;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety of all those who attend;

Choosing the Right Type of Magic

What is most important when you choose to hire a magician for corporate entertainment is that the supplier is a good reflection of your company brand and can perform in a respectful manner for your clients and colleagues. Choosing the right type of event magic is therefore very important.

Parlour magic is performed for groups with fewer than 50 people. This type of magic show is more intimate and, since it is small, it is performed for all the guests at the same time. It usually lasts from 20-40 minutes and is ideal for spicing up your corporate event atmosphere. Choosing a venue at this point may be easier since this number of people is easy to fit in almost any space.

Roving magic is for 20-200 guests. It is called “roving” because the magician is roving from group to group and performs close-up magic for each. These types of magic events last between 1-4 hours, depending on the event.

If your corporate event is planned to last longer during the day, opting for roving magic would be an excellent way to go. That way, all your guests would be entertained equally but not at the same time, which will leave space for talking with each other and exchanging experiences from the performance.

Entertainment in the Office Is the Future of Work

Your office employees will avoid the adverse effects that stress and anxiety can cause if they have fun. Because health and happiness are closely related, it is vital to keep your employees happy. This will also lead to less time off due to sick days and an overall positive effect on absences. Why is this important?

Having fun at work will better the health of your employees and improve their communication and collaboration. If they feel relaxed in a fun environment, they are more likely to trust each other and discuss.

A fun environment will also make your employees more productive. Feeling sad causes a motivation drop, while feeling happy helps us cope with the stress from work better and recover faster when a difficult task drains us.

This is why it is safe to say that entertainment is the future of work.

Final Notes

Keeping a lively atmosphere in your office is essential. If your team is motivated, it will be productive, and this is easily achieved through some stress-relief-boosts. A happy team is a productive team, and if you make your work environment a “happy place,” you can help and encourage your team to get more work done. This is why choosing office entertainment is always an excellent way to increase the overall outcome at the end of each working year. Good luck!

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