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Why is Mayfair London’s most desirable place to live

One of London’s most notable neighbourhoods has come quite a long way since its humble beginnings, several centuries ago. Mayfair, a now-affluent area of central London, got its name in the late 1600’s thanks to being deemed the location of an annual celebration. Since that time, however, the region has become home to some of the most powerful and influential leaders, business men and women, and young trendsetters in all of London.

The impressive growth of Mayfair has several driving forces, all which have come together over the last few decades. A changing demographic that now includes a fresh, young crowd of successful financiers and entrepreneurs has helped Mayfair hold tight to its desirability factor. Currently, London’s wealthiest area remains a great place to call home for the following reasons.

Top-Notch Dining and Entertainment

Over the years, Mayfair has been well-known for a certain level of dining and entertainment, although that often comes with an assumption that restaurants serving local residents and visitors have a certain stuffiness to them. Those sentiments are rapidly changing as the area has turned its focus on the younger generation of renters and homeowners. While there are plenty of Michelin-star locations throughout the neighbourhood, Mayfair also has down-to-earth dining options that cater to all crowds. From fresh seafood and regional specialties to pub-style meals, Mayfair has a dining experience for just about everyone.

Desirable Real Estate

According to local real estate experts, Mayfair properties for sale have been booming in the last decade. Young and old come together in the region for a perfect combination of a taste of luxury and old-world architecture. Not only are the buildings in Mayfair structurally impressive and pleasing to the eye, many properties have received a refreshed look and feel over the years. Additionally, some well-known residents of Mayfair have made it more desirable to live there. Although Mayfair properties now top the list of the most costly in all of London, people are drawn to the area for these reasons.

Open-Air Design

Living in Mayfair also offers several open-air spaces to enjoy the outdoors. Several parks are in close proximity, including Hyde Park, St James’s Park, and Green Park, allowing residents and visitors to take in some fresh air while also admiring the lush green landscape. Many businesses have taken note of this desirable feature, offering indoor-outdoor space for customers to shop or dine.

High-end Retailers

Mayfair is also a desirable place to live because of its notable shopping experiences. Businesses in the retail market have plenty to draw them into the neighbourhood, and just as much to keep them there. Whether high-end, name-brand shoppes or small boutiques offering unique products, Mayfair shoppers expect nothing but the best among the hundreds of retail options in the area.

Central Location

Finally, living in Mayfair offers several benefits to residents and businesses alike. Getting across town is a breeze thanks to the transport links available in Mayfair currently, and those planned for development in the near future. The central location makes it easy to get to and from work, which is another draw for younger residents in this area of London.

Mayfair continues to innovate as a neighbourhood, giving way to current trends and the desires of residents from all age groups and occupational lines. Over the next several years, as more businesses take hold of the area, it is likely that the growth and popularity of Mayfair will continue to reach new heights.

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