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Why should you attain the Prince2 foundation and practitioner certification

Prince2 course talks about project management standards and hence are quite helpful in different industries. Adopting the Prince2 certification can help in enhancing the knowledge of the practitioner and hence the demand for such a practitioner increases to a great extent in the industry. As per a research, it has been noted that the practitioners who have achieved the certification of Prince2 have an earning somewhere around $90,000.

What Can You Learn?

Before starting the training, it is important to know about the things in details that you can learn through training. When you are enrolling yourself for the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner certification, you can learn a number of things such as:

  • Starting and closing of a project in a controlled way with the help of the principles of PRINCE2,
  • Performing progress reviews of the project as well as the business cases,
  • Performing free communication between the stakeholders and the management,
  • Breaking down any project in chunks for better management,
  • Learning the method of delegating, monitoring, and controlling.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Prince Foundation and Practitioner Certification Course?

For attaining any training course, there has to be an eligibility criterion that needs to be followed. To attain the training for Prince2 Foundation course, there is no such eligibility required. You just need to have a basic knowledge of project management and you will be able to pursue the training.

But when you are going ahead to take up the training of Prince Practitioner certification, you need to meet up a few of the eligibility criteria. The candidate should have acquired any of these certification courses:

  • Prince2 Foundation certification course,
  • PMP,
  • CAPM,
  • IPMA Level A,
  • IPMA Level B,
  • IPMA Level C,
  • IPMA Level D.

Who Are The Right Candidates To Get Such Certifications?

A confusion that always remains is that who the candidates are who should acquire the certification of Prince2. Some of the candidates who should go for the training are product managers, engineering leads, program managers, portfolio managers, business analysts, and business project managers. Apart from this, of course, anyone else who wishes to get trained can go for the training course. Mainly, the training is offered to the candidates who are responsible for the smooth operations of the company.

Curriculum Of The Training

When you are about to pursue the training, you should know about the curriculum of the training. The training course consists of four stages and these are the introduction, principles, themes, and processes. In the introduction part, some of the things that you will come across our business environment, portfolios, project management, and six aspects of the management. Apart from this, other important elements that you can come across are the key features, benefits, integrated elements, and the principles of the course.

The second portion is the principles of Prince2. In this section, you will learn about the purpose of the principles, and also the seven principles that will be discussed in detail. The next section is Prince2 themes. There are seven different themes of the course and these are a business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change, and progress. All of these themes are described in detail with various stages.

The last segment talks about Prince2 processes. The various elements of this segment are the process model, the project lifecycle, starting of a project, directing a project, initiating the project, controlling the stage, managing the product delivery, managing the stage boundary, and closing the project.

Benefits Of Prince2 Certification Training Course

Before going ahead to know the benefits of the certification course, it is highly important to know the roots of the course. UK Government started with Prince, standard for the information systems. But in the last few of the decades, there have been a number of upgrades in the certification and this is the reason the new course has been named as the Prince2.

Today, there are so many candidates who are pursuing the certification course for a better future. Not only the candidates are pursuing the training course, but also there are a number of companies who are motivating their employees in getting through the training for the better future of the company.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of the certification training course Prince2.

It Is Recognized Widely

Though the course started many years back as the standard for the project management soon it got recognized in many other industries too. By now the certification course has got expanded throughout the globe and has been also been used in as many as four different industries.

Due to the wide recognition of the course, it is now available in as many as 19 different languages. Not only this, as per some of the reports, it has been noticed that the maximum of the candidates getting qualified for the training course is from the outside UK. So, if you are going ahead for such a certification course, you can be sure that you will be also widely recognized and also can have a much higher demand for your services.


The method is highly flexible and this is the reason any company can make use of the method in their operations. You do not need any particular software to run the method and also there is no particular qualification such as the size of the company or so gets the method. Also, you can get a combination of a number of processes for the need of your company’s operations. Hence, it is due to the flexibility of Prince2 that the method is being used by a large number of companies today throughout the world irrespective of the size and the pattern of the company.

Common Vocabulary

Among various reasons why Prince2 has got recognized worldwide, one of the most common reason is its common vocabulary. There are more than 150 different organizations that come up as a virtual committee for consultation on Prince2. It is based on Prince2 about which practice can be held to be the most efficient one and this is agreed upon all the committee members. It can be therefore said that the vocabulary of Prince2 is something that explains project management better and also it brings together many organizations around the world.

Best Solution For Uncertain Situations

Prince2 is mainly designed to tackle uncertain situations. Whether it is a time of recession or there is a conflict within the organization, candidates trained up in the certification course can tackle such situations well with the help of the tactics learned.  It can be said that the method is great for troubleshooting and to deal with projects in crisis.

Apart from this, Prince2 also deals with risk management. Candidates well-trained in the certification course often find this helpful during a crisis situation such as economic downs, and many others. Prince2 can be taken as a safe option because it has been in practice for more than a decade or two by now.

Quite Adaptable

By now Prince2 has been taken as an ideal way for project management. The principle teaches how to tackle some of the crisis situations and also how to adopt a better approach. But this does not make the process rigid; rather it is quite adaptable in nature. You can make use of the method for any type of project and also at any type of scale. It can be also integrated with some other methods such as Agile and others.

With so many benefits, Prince2 is one of the greatest methods that can be learned for project management. Cracking through the exam and getting the certification is not that difficult because even if you do not pass out in the first attempt, you can take the test again and qualify for the certification.

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