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Why The Businesses Should Host On Dedicated Servers?

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When you have started the business and are making your website, you have to choose the website hosting plan. As there are many hosting plan options you can get around; it is always fruitful that you must make the right decision for your business. Some of the available hosting plans include shared hosting, virtual private server, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. 

In the primary stage of your business operations, you might have a low budget and fewer requirements; you can choose the shared or the VPS hosting. However, when the business starts to grow, you will find that it requires dedicated hosting that will handle the increased traffic coming to the website. Hence, website owners have started to look for dedicated hosting. Want to host your website; you can visit Hostkey.com, where you will get different options for hosting, like dedicated hosting and GPU servers. 

What Do You Understand By Dedicated Hosting?

The dedicated server is the remote server that is dedicated and allocated for the use of one particular organisation, application, or individual. While hosting your business, you will not share the resources with another one as you are doing in the case of shared servers. Unlike the various hosting plans with shared servers, you will not split the resources like Bandwidth and RAM with other companies in dedicated servers. The site remains completely independent and isolated, and you will be alone hosted on that particular server. 

You will find two kinds of dedicated hosting- unmanaged and managed. The unmanaged dedicated servers will need you to configure and maintain the server from your end. On the other hand, the managed dedicated server will have the service provider handling and maintaining the server from your end.

Apart from these services, there are so many more that the company provides, and they include varying degrees of support, software updates, website configurations, and so on. With the help of managed dedicated hosting, the website hosting provider will maintain, manage and customise the plan as per your business needs. If you have individuals who will customise and manage the server, you can get total control of the resources without the need for website hosting. 

No matter what type of configuration you are choosing and the management you are doing, one fact remains is that dedicated hosting needs to have a good amount of investment. Hence, it becomes very important that you discuss your budget and plans with the website hosting provider before delving into the details of the same. 

When Should You Invest In Dedicated Hosting?

As said earlier, as your business is growing, your hosting plan will shift. From the shared hosting plan, it will go to the dedicated server depending upon your business needs. You will be having dedicated hosting when-

  • You Have Large Traffic To Your Website

When you see that your business has huge traffic on the website, you will need a dedicated server to handle all those. With the huge volume of visitors coming to your website, a dedicated server is the best option. 

  • Tight Security

When handling sensitive data, you will consider using a dedicated server. This is because the more sites stored on servers, the higher opportunities to have cyber-attack for breaching the server. 

  • Customise The Server Configuration

With the dedicated server, you can customise the server as per your business needs easily. Everything is possible with dedicated hosting, whether you need to handle huge traffic or provide more security and backup. Dedicated servers also increase the page loading speed and loading time. 

These are some of the benefits of choosing dedicated hosting for your website. Choose the plan wisely and protect your website from data breaching. 

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