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Why UK Casinos Offer Bonuses to Attract New Customers

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With the global gaming market due to being worth around $300 billion by 2025 the percentage of how much the industry as a whole is rising shows no signs of slowing down. 

In fact, as people get back to their normal lives after the pandemic there are indications that increased numbers are choosing to remain online when it comes to sourcing their goods and services, including their games. This fact alone makes the prospect of the online gambling industry very solid as well as extremely lucrative. 

The increased popularity of the online casino has risen to many new sites arriving on our pages on a daily basis and the sheer volume of new sites can be daunting for the more experienced players and a total fog for those new to online casinos and gambling. 

This can put some people off from choosing somewhere to play, and this is a great shame as a good online casino can offer a lot of excitement, enjoyment and fun as well as some lucky players also enjoying a win too. 

How UK Casinos Attract Their New Players

One of the oldest ways that the online casino industry attracts new players is by offering them a sign-up or welcome bonus. This marketing strategy has worked from the outset, and no wonder as using sites like casino-bonus.me.uk means that a new player can receive extra casino money to wager with, increasing their bankroll which allows them to enjoy more gaming time – all from a range of top-knotch online casinos available today.

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Where to Find the Best Online Casinos and Bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, it can be very confusing when trying to find a new online casino to play at and this is where a site like casino-bonus.me.uk is worth its’ weight in gold. 

Acting rather like a comparison site that you might use for insurance, white goods, vacations or anything else you may purchase on the internet, the online casino comparison site brings together only the best online casinos and bonus offers that are available today. This makes it your ‘one-stop-shop for all of your gaming needs.

All in one place and easy to navigate this great tool takes a lot of the hassle out of choosing the perfect online casino site to suit your own, personal needs and requirements.

The Sign-Up – Welcome Bonus Explained

Usually, the sign-up bonus is offered in the form of a deposit match bonus. This welcome offers a percentage of what the player funds their own account with. So, if the player deposits say £20 into their account the online casino will match that up to another *£20 (100% match bonus)  The welcome offer might also contain some free spins on a popular slots game too. 

*The money that the online casino offers its players is casino money only. This bonus money cannot be used at any other online casino site and cannot be withdrawn. 

Sometimes the sign-up or welcome bonus is offered in stages. Again this is a clever tactic in order to bring players back into the fold. Typically these bonuses will offer the biggest and the best first with maybe one or two others in the middle and then another big bonus at the end of the offer. 

Of course, loyal players are also rewarded with special bonuses and promotional offers which can take the form of cash-back on losses or loyalty points that are collected as a player enjoys their games. Loyalty points can be redeemed for casino money which again means that there is no need for the player to use their own hard-earned cash whilst playing. 

Finally, remember that all bonuses and promotions will have some terms and conditions attached to them, if not the online casinos would soon go out of business. Make sure you are familiar with these before opting in. Any rules and restrictions attached to a bonus or promotion will be clearly marked and you should not have to hunt for them when trying to decide which you prefer. 

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