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Can Players Cash Out Online Casino Bonuses?

It’s always important to do research before you dive into any activity that concerns your money. This includes playing real money games at online casinos. Well, you shouldn’t be scared of online gambling at all. It is generally safe to play on a legit online casino these days, but if you dive into it without knowing what you’re getting into, you can easily encounter problems.

It’s definitely exciting to sign up with a casino if you only look for the best casino bonus that you can get. However, you should keep in mind that the best bonus or promo that you can avail will really depend on your bankroll and your gambling needs.

In fact, it’s not best to start playing casino games online if you’re only after cashing out a potential bonus. Now, you may be wondering if you can actually withdraw a casino bonus. Well, yes, you can but not as soon as you get them.

Understanding Wagering Requirements or Playthroughs

Know that a casino bonus almost always comes with a wagering requirement for you to be able to withdraw it. It’s also called playthrough as usually, a casino will require you to go through a certain number of playthroughs before you can cash out your bonus or your winnings.

For example, there are casinos that would give you as much as a hundred percent worth of deposit bonus. And so, if you deposit 50 US dollars, you should also get the same amount as a bonus. You will then be left with a total of 100 dollars on your casino account.

You might think that it’s an easy way to double your money or that you can just withdraw that money right away. This isn’t really the case. Before you try to be eligible for any casino bonus, you should always check the wagering requirement.

A wagering requirement might need you to bet with your bonus five times or more before you can cash it out. This could mean that after playing five times, your gambling bonus is probably already gone by then. Unless, of course, you won more money when trying to reach the required number of playthroughs.

Some online casinos would even include your actual deposit and the bonus that you get from the computation. For the said example, this means that you have to use the whole one hundred dollars five times before you’re eligible to make a withdrawal.

There are also casinos that don’t require a number of playthroughs. Sometimes, they just need you to reach a minimum amount of winnings to be able to withdraw your money. However, there are still casinos that offer a no requirement bonus from time to time.

This means that whatever bonus that you get, you can just withdraw it right away. You just really need to find a casino that does this and you’ll be delighted to know that there is quite a number out there.

The online gambling industry is now a competitive platform for gambling operators and they need to find creative and effective ways to get new customers. This is why many casinos are now offering wager-free casino bonuses.

The Common Types of Bonuses that You Can Get

Now that you know how casino bonuses work, you should also familiarize yourself with what type of bonuses that you can get. Here are some of the most commonly offered casino bonuses out there.

  • No deposit bonus

This sounds exactly the way it does. You only really need to sign up with an online casino to get a bonus that you can use to play. This is popular with newbies but knows that even if you win games from that bonus, a requirement will still have to be met.

  • Match bonus

This simply means that the casino is willing to match the deposit that you’ll make. It’s equal to 100 percent worth of bonus. However, check what the cap is on this one. You might be enticed to deposit 500 dollars but just get 100 dollars because it’s the maximum amount.

  • Reload bonus

A reload bonus is typically offered by casinos to keep their customers playing. You can get a reload bonus for your second or monthly deposit. This varies from one casino to another. What you should check here is the amount that you can get and if you are already eligible for one.


Overall, casino bonuses are definitely there to help you make the most out of your gambling budget. You just really need to make sure how it works. It’s of utmost importance to read the fine print before you sign up with any online casino. If you are confused about specific wagering requirements, do not hesitate to ask one of their supports. As a responsible gambler, you should always know what you’re getting into to avoid unnecessary problems.

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