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Why you should hire an outsourced sales team

 hire an outsourced sales team
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So many online businesses have the right idea, and an amazing branding strategy but little sales. There’s a trend in online e-commerce to think that the right idea will always make money but in reality, sometimes you need a strong emphasis on sales to see success.

This is why we wrote this post to explore different options for setting up a traditional sales team and an outsourced one.

We go through the top three benefits of having an outsourced sales team and compare it to the traditional model to give you the maximum insight into what your business needs.

Let’s dive in.

1. Time zones are a challenge

There are so many businesses nowadays that are going global. If your business is like that you’ve encountered the same issue and that is that it’s hard to hire salespeople in different time zones. Even big companies struggle with this a lot.

This is where an outsourced sales team would be really useful. For example, let’s say that you’re located in Australia and you want to get more clients in London. A really good strategy would be to get an outsourced sales team in London that is familiar with your industry to handle all of your sales goals and help you with that expansion.

2. In-house sales teams are expensive

Often, businesses hire only one or two salesmen in-house because of a lack of funds or experience. They want to test the waters and see if the project is successful. The problem is that a one or two-man operation doesn’t always scale fast enough and the whole team is shut down before it can bring enough revenue to the business.

An outsourced sales team is led by professional sales managers and directors that have years and years in the field. And they have all the resources needed to make the business a success.

3. The full tech stack

Even if a business has the time and money to train and onboard a new sales team they might still not have the right technology. In any sales organization, you need the basics – the right CMS system, a database, and a call centre set-up. The call centre technology is a realm of itself and a business might need a call centre specialist to set it all up. Also, there are a variety of quality control processes and tools that need to be set up in order to monitor the sales team and make sure that everything is done up to code.

Another huge asset is big data. If a sales organization has access to big data then they could greatly increase the quality of their leads. This also requires expertise and knowledge. An outsourced sales team might have all of these elements set up already and all you have to do is to hire them and they are ready to go to work for you. That’s why it might be a better solution for your business.


As you can see there are several advantages of using an outsourced sales team. One is the time zone challenges. Two is the cost advantage. And finally, an outsourced team might have all the technology that your business needs so there are additional cost savings there. You should definitely consider this route if you are in the process of growing your sales efforts.

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