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Will eCommerce replace high street shopping

It has been well documented that online shopping has been growing on an exponential scale since it was introduced, with companies like Amazon and eBay dominating the ecommerce sector with a net worth in the billions. As their presence continues to grow in the online sphere, it brings the future of high street shops into question.


There is no doubt that the internet is king when it comes to online shopping, with almost any item you could ever want just a few clicks away. Many people now make a living off running their own ecommerce business, selling a variety of items on sites like eBay. There are even ecommerce couriers like InXpress, who specifically deliver items which are bought and sold on eBay.

Ecommerce has a very bright future ahead of it, especially since it has international reach and can offer some of the lowest prices available today. It is hard to imagine this changing in the near future, with online shopping in its prime as companies like eBay and Amazon continually expanding to new countries and customer bases.

High Street

It may seem, then that high street shops are under threat from their online counterparts. Whilst this is definitely true to some extent, many businesses are now adapting by expanding into the online world whilst continuing to trade on the high street.

Many now use extensive online marketing techniques to ensure potential customers know about their products, whilst others lower their prices to stay competitive. There are still many advantages to shopping on the high street, like being able to test a product/item before you buy it, and being able to receive it immediately rather than waiting weeks for a parcel in the post.

The Future

It is hard to tell exactly how high street shopping will fare in the future. There is no doubt that ecommerce has overtaken it in most aspects, which has forced many shops to change the way they operate.

It may well be the case that high street shops start to sell their products on the various ecommerce more extensively, in an effort to gain more exposure and stay competitive with other online shops and sellers.

It is unlikely that high street shops will disappear completely, and many of the independent shops which exist today offer unique items which cannot be bought through ecommerce sites. They will, however, have to embrace the internet as a key marketplace and the future of trade.

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