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Windows 10 screen recorder review and guide

The development and increasing popularity of multimedia lags text contents behind to some extent. In various aspects, text is no longer an efficient way to deliver contents. Many tutorials, lessons, meetings, presentations, etc. are moving onto people’s screens, which attribute to higher efficiency as well as better productivity.

The demand towards screen capturing tools thus ascends as a reflection to this situation. With a reliable screen recorder, people can flexibly capture every screen activities they want to save without hassle.

What qualities should a good screen recorder possess?

A qualified screen recorder should be multifunctional, stable, and user-friendly.

* Multifunctional

Choosing a multifunctional screen recorder can certainly attribute to a better outcome. With simple functions like editing, trimming/cropping equipped in the program, users can output the recording with the best quality.

* Stable

The stability of the screen recorder enables the whole recording process to be fluent. In addition, it makes sure the program would not flash back, which will get your recording in ruin. Therefore, for making a rational decision, you should focus on both the recording performance and in-app navigation of the screen recorder.

* User-friendly

The screen recorder that can cope well with most users can be regarded as a user-friendly program. It should not be too complicated for using, or the efficiency would be greatly drag down.

The Best Screen Recorder 2020 – RecordAnyVid

RecordAnyVid, the latest light-weight screen capture tool developed by VidPaw, is the best choice to help record any screen activities on Windows 10. It gathers all the listed qualifications that the best screen recorder should possess above, providing people an all-in-one platform to get high quality recording with only simple clicks.

>> Download RecordAnyVid for Windows <<

The benefits of RecordAnyVid you can make full use of

  • Various useful tools are provided inside one app, including three different recorders (video, audio, and webcam), video editing/drawing tools, snapshot, advanced video/audio adjustment features.
  • Hotkeys are available for free settings, enabling users to use RecordAnyVid in more convenient way.
  • A set of output formats are offered for free selection such as WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS to save the recording.
  • The output quality of the recording is maintained to be little compressed.

How to Record Screen with RecordAnyVid on Windows 10

STEP 1. Launch RecordAnyVid on Windows 10 computer.

STEP 2. Select Video Recorder. Then you can adjust the size of the recording area as well as the volume for recording the screen.

STEP 3. Click the REC button to start the recording. (During the recording, you can use the drawing panel to paint on the video).

STEP 4. When the recording is done, click the stop icon to end the recording process.

STEP 5. You would be navigated to the previewing window automatically. Here you can trim/crop the recording in preference. Finally, click on Save to preserve the recording.


Overall, the best screen recording program should be the tool that can help to get the most worthy content with the least effort and time that you need to pay. RecordAnyVid offers both free and register versions, so you can try the software for experiencing its features in advance.

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