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With a Little Funk and Neon: Benefits of Using Neon Lights for Your Business

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A good businessman knows how to be an attention-grabber, head-turner, and neck-breaker (err, not literally for this one), especially when they want to attract potential customers. Aside from the accessibility and affordability, the structural design and ambiance that the place gives are also essential factors to consider.

With this said, you cannot go around your business without thinking about how you can raise the aesthetic value of your place, and what better way to do that than to put up glowing, funky, neon light signages? If you happened to walk around the city, you might have noticed the trend of using these lights outside many establishments. No doubt, they might have attracted you, too.

Getting custom neon signs offers a vast array of advantages for your booming business, and if you want to know more about them and their benefits, you have opened the right article. Scroll down to learn more!


First Things First! What You Need to Know About Neon Signs

Neon signs are especially popular in the signage industry because their flashy, luminescent light quickly grabs the attention of passers-by and is impossible not to get noticed by them. This is the exact reason why men and women in the industry opt to place their business names outside their building in big fonts of glowing lights.

These lights contain a small amount of neon gas in luminous tubes, which lights them up when put under pressure and used to be limited only with neon before. But with the possibilities that modern technology provides, LED neon lights are slowly replacing traditional neon signs.

Below are several reasons why most commercial building signs now prefer to use LED neon:

  • LEDs are more cost-efficient than the traditional neon or fluorescent lighting.
  • They have a longer life span.
  • They are safer as they avoid the risk of gas leakage that makes the light go dim.
  • LEDs run on a lower voltage than the traditional neon.
  • They are more environmentally-friendly because of their recyclable properties.
  • Gives you more options for customized effects and patterns.

Many custom neon companies, like Neon87, offer commercial signs in LED and other high-quality neon art and logos for your walls, and more. You can click this website https://neon87.com/ to check out Neon87’s latest designs, best-sellers, and other services they can offer.


Benefits of Using Custom Neon Lights for Your Business

As has been emphasized previously, using neon lights could make sure that customers notice your business around the area. In fact, they are the go-to partners for business owners who want an upgrade for their design. Thanks to the genius inventor that is Georges Claude, your business can ~shine through the city with a little funk and soul. Aside from these, enumerated below are some of its other benefits:

Achieve That Desired Level of Uniqueness Through Custom Neon Signs

Though a lot of establishments already use neon signs, they are still unique in their own right. As many manufacturers now allow for customization, you are free to personalize your design all you want, and there is a wide variety of fonts you can choose from.

This is its one advantage out of many: it unlocks your inner creativity and brings out the individuality that makes your branding unique.


Neon Signs are More Energy-efficient and Durable

Since most custom neon signs use LED, they have lesser energy consumption and, therefore, more energy-efficient. LED uses diode light, in contrast to filament light that is used by traditional neon signs. Power-wise, diode light is much more preferred as it can save about 75% of energy.

When it comes to durability, they can last 25 times longer than any traditional neon signages, and with extra care and a little maintenance, you can surely widen their life span than what you might have expected.


Neon Signs are Versatile

With custom neon signages, you won’t have to worry about the building codes or guidelines set by your property manager that you need to comply with. Rest assured that the artistic sign you will put up can help your business stand out in the neighborhood without breaking any rules.


Installing and Maintaining Neon Signs are Easy

The installation of neon signs doesn’t take too much time, and hence, will not interrupt a typical working day. Though there are instances when business owners put up the signs themselves, it is still best to leave this manual work to experts in the industry.

This is to ensure that the signs are installed correctly and for you to avoid unnecessary risks that might damage them. Furthermore, like any other equipment, neon signs need maintenance, too. However, they usually don’t consume much of your time, either. Just a little polishing and checking, then you’re good to go.



Custom neon signs not only guarantee your business its aesthetic value but also offers your customers the satisfaction they can get from a spectacular view, not necessarily from outside, but also from the wall. Remember, you can win the night with really bright neon lights!

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