A focus on customer service
A Yorkshire Electricity case study

Page 1: Introduction

Over recent years many changes have taken place in traditional service organisations. There have been many reasons for these changes. Some have been brought about by increasing customer choice, different consumption patterns, better lifestyles, increasing mobility, the process of privatisation and more competition. Where such changes have taken place there has tended to be an accompanying...
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Page 2: The changing face of the industry

The publicly owned, co-ordinated electricity supply industry was first created in 1948. In each region of the country an area electricity board was introduced to be a retailer of electricity, taking supply at reduced voltage from the main grid and reducing it still further to distribute electricity to the customer. At this time in the Yorkshire region the Yorkshire Electricity Board (YEB) was...
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Page 3: The external environment

The opening up of competition in the domestic electricity market will increase the number of competitive customers nationally from 50,000 to over 23 million and produce a major change in the relationship between Yorkshire Electricity and its existing customers. With the advent of choice, customers will not be prepared to accept poor quality service and will be able to change if they feel that they...
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Page 4: Challenges and objectives

Most of the work in phase one involved the Directors of the company deciding how good it needed and wanted to be at delivering customer service, i.e. its 'Ambition.' They also assessed current levels of service, in all its aspects, so that the level of improvement required could be measured and targeted for the future. From the very start it was important for those at Yorkshire Electricity to...
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Page 5: Values

A survey of the views of all employees was also undertaken to collect their thoughts on customer service. It also sought views on how staff felt about working for Yorkshire Electricity. This helped the Directors develop a series of ‘Values and Behaviours’ statements, which would be used to describe how everyone should work to help improve customer service in the future. In...
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Page 6: Conclusion

It is however important that Yorkshire Electricity sustains its commitment to customer service to ensure the successful implementation of the Customer Service Initiative. The whole process has been to learn how to deliver better service to all customers which is essential if Yorkshire Electricity is to retain existing and win new customers in 1998. Yorkshire Electricity’s mission within five...
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