Building On Stakeholder Support To Achieve Dynamic Growth & Success
An Aldi case study

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Page 3: Suppliers

Aldi believes that quality products should be made responsibly and is committed to an ethical supply chain. This means that making or growing goods does as much good and as little
harm as possible to the communities and environments in which it takes place. This includes a clear regard for workers’ and human rights. Aldi makes sure that the products it sells have all been grown, caught and made with care for the environment and that all workers are treated fairly. It’s important to Aldi that it is seen as a trusted company.

Suppliers are one of Aldi’s external stakeholders. Suppliers are organisations or individuals that have an interest in the success of the business but are not a direct part of it. Aldi maintains a good relationship with its suppliers to achieve the shared goal of putting customers first. Nearly half of all Aldi’  products are produced in the UK, with its range of everyday fresh meats being 100% British. It also offers regionally sourced fruit and vegetables, helping consumers to access a good product range, and promoting sustainability. The UK’s experience as a food manufacturer helps Aldi develop high quality products at low cost.

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