Creating value through the marketing mix
An Aldi case study

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Page 4: Above-the-line promotion

For Aldi to achieve its objective of increasing its market share, it had to ensure its promotional activity demonstrated the balance of its marketing mix. For example, to increase customer loyalty it had to communicate its key quality and value messages. Promotion helps to:

  • increase awareness and improve brand recognition
  • increase demand for products
  • improve brand image
  • highlight the superiority of products and services.

Aldi 18 Image 8Above-the-line promotions are paid-for advertising aimed at a mass audience. These include the media such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers that reach a large number of people. This form of promotion can be costly. It can also be difficult to target specific audiences. Aldi uses a range of above-the-line methods to reach its customers and potential customers. These include:

  • Advertising on television. The ‘Like Brands’ campaign features 20 second television adverts which focus on a particular product. The adverts show a famous brand as a benchmark for quality side-by-side with an Aldi brand product. They use the slogan ‘Like Brands. Only Cheaper’. This reinforces the message that Aldi products are cheaper than leading brands but equal in terms of quality. The adverts provide personality to the Aldi brand. They use humour which helps to build trust and an emotional connection with target audiences.
  • Printed leaflets are distributed within stores (1 million copies printed per week) and also to customers living in areas surrounding stores. These leaflets help to reinforce the ‘Like Brands’ campaign. They also showcase products with limited availability and seasonal offers available in stores.
  • Newspaper adverts extend the ‘Like Brands’ campaign and help to showcase a variety of product categories. They also communicate Aldi’s ‘Swap and Save’ message. This campaign demonstrates the amount that shoppers could save if they swapped their weekly shop to Aldi. They compared Aldi products to famous brands to demonstrate Aldi’s value for money message.
  • In store posters are also used to highlight the ‘Swap and Save’ message.
Aldi | Creating value through the marketing mix