Building a better business through communication
An Alliance & Leicester case study

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Page 4: Oral communication

Alliance Leicester 3 Image 2Oral communication involves the transmission of information effectively by word of mouth. For many people at the Alliance & Leicester, verbal communication tends to be face-to-face messages, personal discussion and the provision of instruction and guidance. However, oral communication within the Alliance & Leicester also includes:

  • Staff training sessions - A one hour training session held each week in the branches between 9.00 am and 10.00 am. They are either prepared by branch staff or are presented in a pre-prepared format.
  • Internal conferences

These are held throughout the Alliance & Leicester Group on a regular basis. They include:

  • Group Chief Executive’s Briefings for senior managers throughout the country. The Group Chief
  • Executive talks to over 1000 of the most senior managers twice a year and answers their questions.
  • National Sales Conference held every year for managers in the retail distribution network to discuss performance and future developments.
  • Girobank MD’s roadshow – The managing director of Girobank holds roadshows throughout the country for all Girobank staff.
  • Girobank Senior Managers briefing for all senior managers.
  • Team meetings - Throughout the organisation, managers hold regular meetings with their staff to discuss a range of matters face-to-face.
  • Videos - These are used by Alliance & Leicester for training purposes, product launches and for providing messages to staff. Alliance & Leicester also use interactive video.
  • Audio tapes - These have been used by Alliance & Leicester for training purposes.
  • Tannoy messaging - A tannoy messaging system is used at 2 administration centres to brief staff of important announcements.

Price sensitive information

Since becoming a public limited company, Alliance & Leicester has briefed staff about the management of price sensitive information, particularly at important times for the Company. Price sensitive information is any information about a quoted company which, if it was in the public domain, would be likely to move the share price either up or down.

Price sensitive information is not simply financial performance data. For example, the acquisition and sale of part of the business, the appointment of a senior manager, or a disaster of some kind, could all potentially affect share price. Anyone in possession of price sensitive information which is not yet published is deemed to be an ‘insider.’

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