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An ARM case study

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Page 5: ARM applications

ARM focuses on meeting emerging customer requirements for small, high-performance chips with lower power requirements in its key end target markets.

ARM products allow designers to integrate features at low costs. For example cars with a single airbag have a single processor plus sensor for each unit. However, as the requirements for passenger, side impact and roll-over airbags increases, it becomes more economical to centralise the airbag controller using a 32-bit processor as the main computer.

Consumer Entertainment
ARM core-based products are in a range of applications such as minidiscs, MP3 players, as well as video game applications such as the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and the Sony PocketStation.

This application involves capturing images on digital cameras and scanners as well as reproducing images on desktop printers. One of the strengths of ARM’s technology in this area is its ability to
add value without adding significantly to hardware costs.

This market covers a very wide range of applications from systems that manage large buildings, such as chip manufacturing plants, to domestic appliances. Low power and increased performance are key in such applications.

Mass storage
This includes such items as computer hard drives. ARM technology helps reduce the number and therefore the cost of the circuits in these devices.

Amongst other areas, ARM’s technology is enabling the spoken word to be delivered over the Internet. This is known as voice over IP (Internet Protocol).

ARM is developing microprocessor cores optimised for use in security sensitive environments such as smartcards, digital audio players, set-top boxes and networking equipment.

ARM cores (ie the central element of the chip) are used in more than 75% of the world’s digital cellular phones shipped today. The company is also heavily involved in the growing Bluetooth™ technology that allows devices to communicate without wires.

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