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Page 4: Partnerships

Partnership is part of the culture of ARM. Within the process of research and development, ARM is involved in joint programmes with a range of different organisations, including universities. At a micro level, individuals within the organisation have the power to champion a cause and collaborate with others to initiate change.

Arm 17 Image 7As ideas and concepts are extended within an organisation, partnerships then develop at a macro level. This partnership model involves working with companies such as Intel, Motorola, IBM, Mitsubishi, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Sharp and Toshiba. Partnerships help to create a global community that includes many independent ideas and product developments. Collaboration within this community has encouraged the market to grow at a faster rate than a company could stimulate on its own.

ARM also works with Development Tool partners who help to extend the capabilities of ARM’s technology. Because ARM supplies quality tools solutions, developers can have greater confidence in the first silicon and achieve a faster time-to-market. ARM also provides peripheral and platform support.

Each of ARM’s partners has a valued contribution to make to specific customer needs and applications, enabling designs that result in customers developing highly-focused consumer products. One definition of a partnership is that it involves “the sharing of risks and profits in a business venture”. Not only do they provide benefits for those involved, they also provide a route for new ideas to get to the market quickly and efficiently. Working with partners also means that the business has total customer focus. The final users of chips based upon products from organisations such as Bosch, Sharp and Yamaha are also the partners of ARM, albeit a stage further down the supply chain.

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