Motivation within an innovative work environment
An ARM case study

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Page 5: Mayo (human relations approach)


Elton Mayo founded the Human Relations Movement. Experiments undertaken by Mayo took place at the Hawthorne plant in the USA during the 1930s. His work illustrated that if the company or managers took an interest in employees and cared for them, it had a positive effect on their motivation. When managers took a greater interest in employees they felt more valued and empowered. His work also showed that employees often work best in teams. He also showed that they were more motivated if they were managed and consulted more.

 Developing people

The Mayo principles are very much in line with ARM’s focus on developing its people as part of its business strategy. Employees at ARM work within learning and development teams. Information is shared and employees are viewed both as partners in the business and as internal customers.

Managers have responsibility for motivating individuals and their teams. Important elements of this include:

  • Communicating and explaining the ARM vision, values and strategy to all team members so everyone is working to the same level.
  • Providing appropriate training and induction for new employees as well as coaching for all in order to develop skills, confidence and self-reliance.
  • Carrying out one-to-one meetings and employee reviews to assess performance and set personal and team objectives.
  • Putting in place succession planning for the team and manager roles to ensure long term performance.

Personal development is a key HR strategy at ARM. Regular reviews encourage individuals to reflect upon the contributions that they make whilst providing feedback and support that enables them to develop their professional capability.

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