Meeting business needs through training and development
An Asda case study

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Page 3: Costs and benefits of training and development

Even in tough economic times, ASDA takes the long-term view that investment in training and development is the right thing to do both for the business and its people.

ASDA has dedicated Stores of Learning (SOLs) across the company. These are stores which serve as centres of excellence for technical and behavioural training. Appropriate investment in training and development increases retention of colleagues and leads to higher performing and productive teams, which in turn support ASDA's growth and expansion plans.

The key benefits of ASDA’s training are seen in:

  • increased colleague productivity - where customers are served and satisfied more quickly. This improves colleagueasda-twofemale,onemalestaff efficiency, reduces costs and leads to higher profitability.
  • the quality of ASDA’s well trained colleagues. A pleasurable shopping experience means customers are more likely to return to the store to shop. This gives ASDA a competitive advantage.
  • high morale which leads to a more motivated team. If colleagues are motivated to develop there are many opportunities open to them. The resulting sense of achievement that colleagues convey in their work contributes to a positive corporate image.
  • ASDA aims to fill 80% of appointments through internal promotion.

Wendy is an ASDA colleague who developed from a GSM to ROM role. This is her view of what working at ASDA is like.

‘It’s dynamic, fast-paced and challenging. I’m given all the space I need to do things my way, which I find really inspiring. Of course, we have a framework that we all work to, but it is very flexible, so I never feel constrained at all. In fact, this is one of the reasons I joined ASDA in the first place. My first role was as GSM for a failing store in Kent. I devised a three-month plan - ‘Project Phoenix’ - to turn the whole store around. When I started, we achieved a score of just 56% at our audit; three months later and we were at 95% - a brilliant example of success when everyone pulls together. I am now a Regional Operations Manager for Kent. At ASDA, if you put in the work, the reward and progression is definitely available'.

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