Enhancing customer service
An Automobile Association (AA) case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Automobile Association Aa 2 Image 5The AA has effectively differentiated its services from 40 other companies in the market through the emphasis it has placed on delivering relationship marketing. The AA’s latest and largest customer needs analysis revealed that motorists who have broken down want a very personal service. They want to be treated as individuals, not as a registration number. So the prime purpose of the AA is to utilise its own key resource - its people – to deliver exceptional service. The AA does this by exceeding customer expectations; by going, on their behalf, that extra mile to provide the little aspects of service that make the difference.

The net effect of the AA’s emphasis on building personal relationships with customers has been that members genuinely feel that the AA shows a concern for their requirements. The AA is therefore associated in customers’ minds with quality and this is why members are prepared to buy related products and services from the AA in addition to standard membership.

Automobile Association Aa 2 Diagram 1The proof of the AA’s success is measured in terms of the size of its membership and through the perceptions of the service it offers. On both counts it has been remarkably successful. In terms of public perceptions of its performance, recent research from the research company, The Research Business, clearly confirms that the AA has a very high saliency or identification with its customers.

Automobile Association (AA) | Enhancing customer service