Enhancing customer service
An Automobile Association (AA) case study

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Page 3: Core benefits

Automobile Association Aa 2 Image 2The core benefit of the AA is the security and service provided to motorists by solving problems at the roadside. Breaking down on a motorway at night, or when a child is waiting to be collected from school, is a serious matter; the motorist is in an emergency situation. The effectiveness and reliability of the AA in these situations has led to it being seen as “The 4th Emergency Service” to its members.

The appearance of the AA patrol following an emergency is vitally important as “trust” is a key element. However, repairing the car is of prime importance to the stranded motorist. Speed of arrival from the initial distress call is relevant but the AA’s ability, with more than eight out of 10 vehicles being repaired on the spot is seen as the most critical factor as members want to get going in their own car as soon as possible. This is achieved by continuous training of AA patrols and keeping their vehicles well equipped. The AA has the world’s most comprehensive database of technical information, accessible to patrols through a telephone helpdesk, to help repair.

However, if a car cannot be repaired at the roadside, it will normally be towed, free of charge, to the nearest AA appointed garage or to the motorist’s home. Other key benefits of AA membership include:

  • The AA Magazine, which is distributed four times per year, incorporating features on issues affecting motorists, consumer advice, road tests, special offers exclusive to members and, of course, news about AA products and services.
  • A members’ benefit book at policy renewal.
  • The Members’ Handbook is currently mailed to all personal members every two years. The Handbook is an essential for all motorists and contains maps of the United Kingdom, details of AA services, a directory of AA shops and appointed hotels and star ratings, details of breakdown procedures and other essential information.
  • Discounts for members in AA shops, on insurance policies and other financial services.
  • A service setting out the best routes for journeys in the UK.
  • Technical and legal advice and information.

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