Raising finance for SMEs
A Beeson Gregory case study

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Page 5: Advice in action

Beeson Gregory works with SMEs as both a corporate adviser and a broker. This enables a close relationship with shared objectives based upon mutual support and trust. On the one hand, Beeson Gregory wants to make sure the company makes the right decisions, while on the other acting as a broker through which it identifies and satisfies the investment requirements of its client.

For example, Beeson Gregory’s role might involve:

  • advising a client on a whole range of issues such as the appointment of non-executive directors or the wording of public announcements
  • helping to create a link between investor and client by organising site visits
  • producing a prospectus or public documents and advising on regulating requirements
  • raising capital and placing shares
  • creating a market for shares through its broking and market-making facilities
  • advising upon secondary issues or take-overs
  • advising companies on a flotation and the new issue market
  • after-sales servicing, which encourages investors to invest in client companies and keep companies’ stock liquid
  • working with other advisers in helping to take companies to the next stage of their development. A key element of this process is for Beeson Gregory to help in building shareholder confidence.

Beeson Gregory 5 Image 4Beeson Gregory also advises on and project manages private placements which occur away from the London Stock Exchange. Beeson Gregory is active in linking venture capital companies and corporate venturing companies with investment opportunities in SMEs. It also links companies with ‘business angels’ - high net worth individuals, family trusts, entrepreneurs and enterprises who wish to invest in SMEs.

Investor relations is also a key role of the broker. This links the investment with institutional investors which may involve arranging meetings for clients, visiting companies and managing the share register.  The following show examples of how Beeson Gregory helps clients.

Cammell Laird Holdings plc

Beeson Gregory 5 Image 2Cammell Laird Holdings plc is a leading UK company in the ship conversion and general ship repair market. It operates from a 47 acre freehold site in Birkenhead in the North West of England. Beeson Gregory’s involvement with the placing of Cammell Laird was influential in funding the expansion of its business. This raised the profile of the company and its reputation with customers, suppliers and communities. The placing also provided Cammell Laird with the working capital necessary to finance increased levels of activity and facilitate its future growth through acquisition.

Baltimore Technologies plc

Baltimore Technologies plc was formed by the merger between Zergo Holdings plc and Baltimore Technologies Limited in January 1999. Baltimore is a global leader in E-commerce and enterprise security solutions and is one of the leading international providers of information security products and services for E-business through its public key infrastructure products (PKI). Security is one of the fastest growing areas of IT spending. Beeson Gregory has acted as broker and adviser to the company through its development as an AIM company valued at under £20 million to a company on the Official List valued at over £300 million.

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